What to wear for Pickleball?

Wearing appropriate clothes while playing any sport is necessary to be comfortable, whatever the game. As a beginner, you must know what to wear for Pickleball before going to the court.

Read this article to know all the necessities you need to know when playing Pickleball.

Is there a rule on what to wear for Pickleball?

Typically there is no rule on what and how to wear Pickleball for both males and females. The clothing is all about the comfort of players.

Things to consider on what to wear for Pickleball

You can dress however you want when playing this sport. Even with comfort, you can dress on trend and stylish for the game.

Things to consider on what to wear for Pickleball:

There are some factors that players on what to wear for Pickleball. They are,


Comfort is one of the important things while playing the game. With slight discomfort, players’ moods can be changed and cause disturbance on the court. So wearing comfortable clothes is important on the court.


Wearing appropriate clothes based on the weather condition can make a better choice. During summer you can wear lightweight and breathable clothes when it is winter wear or double-layered clothes.

Wear synthetic clothes that keep you away from the rain when it is raining or damp weather.


The function of dressing is important when playing Pickleball. The dressing may not affect the game, but Pickleball outfits have their function.


Fashion is completely based on the individual because you can wear fashionable clothes for a game or not.

You can choose however you want when playing Pickleball. But there are many fashionable options available for sports dressing.

What to wear for Pickleball:

Male and Female players need comfortable clothes when playing Pickleball. There are some basics that you can consider when you are confused about what to wear for Pickleball. They are,

For women:

Some comfortable tops like tank tops, T-shirts, V-neck tops, etc., will be comfortable in summer. You can wear long-sleeved T-shirts if the weather is cold.

For men:

The best way to dress while playing Pickleball is to wear a T-shirt or a Tank top for men. A long-sleeved T-shirt comes in handy when the weather is cold. I always prefer moisture-absorbing fabric.

For women:

A sports skirt or shorts can be comfortable. But if you are uncomfortable with them, you can choose long, even more, comfortable leggings. But always choose one that fits you perfectly.

For men:

Short is advisable in summer, and a jogger or a pair of sweatpants is suitable in cold conditions. Comfort is the key to dressing in sports.


Wear a baseball cap or tennis cap that protects you from direct sunlight. The game can be affected if the light falls directly into your eyes.


Sunglasses are the best option to avoid sunlight falling in your eyes on sunny days. But get sunglasses that don’t fall off while playing, which can cause disturbance in the game.


Whatever the sport, wearing shoes is always important because it avoids getting hurt. Wear a lightweight pair of sports shoes in hot and humid weather. I prefer full-coverage shoes in winter.


Dressing always plays a key role in sports because it can affect the gameplay. Sportswear will be the best option when participating in sports.

If you need clarification about what to wear for Pickleball, choosing sportswear is the right way. A T-shirt or Tank top with a skirt or leggings can be an option for women.

For men, a T-shirt with sweatpants or shorts is one of the comfortable options. Even with many styles dressing comfortably comes first. You can learn some dressing options from the article.


Is there a certain dress code for Pickleball?

Players have to follow no specific dress code to play Pickleball. But dressing appropriately for sports is important.

Can we play Pikcleball wearing shoes?

You can only move from one position to another on the court by wearing shoes. This may be your option, but wearing shoes can create a comfortable environment for playing.

Are leggings acceptable for women in Pickleball?

Leggings are one of the comfortable options that women prefer when playing Pickleball.

Can we wear sunglasses when playing Pickleball?

Sunglasses are players’ personal preference. They can choose to wear them or not. But sunglasses can protect you from the sunlight that falls directly in your eyes on the court.

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