What size is a Pickleball court compared to a Tennis court?

Pickleball court has many similarities with Tennis court but also many differences. As the sport increases its popularity among players, many players are playing this sport on Tennis courts.

You can find the differences and similarities between these in this article.

Overview of Pickleball Court:

The court has the same dimensions for both singles and doubles. The court dimensions are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Difference between Pickleball and Tennis court sizes

Tennis court dimensions are also similar, with a net between 3 feet 34 inches tall. The courts of Pickleball have two non-volley zones on both sides of the net called Kitchen.

It is 7 feet from the net, and the distance between the baseline and the end of the non-volley zone is 15 feet.

Difference between Pickleball court and Tennis court sizes:

A Pickleball and a Tennis court have many similarities as the game is similar, and it can be played in singles and doubles.

But the tennis courts are larger in area than the pickleball courts. We can fit three to four courts in a single tennis court.

Coming to the dimensions, pickleball courts have the same dimensions for singles and doubles, where they are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

But the tennis court has different dimensions for singles and doubles. For singles, it is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide, and doubles are 36 feet wide.

Dimensions of courts in the table:

These are the dimensions.

SizesTennis courtPickleball court
Length78 feet44 feet
Width27-36 feet wide20 feet wide
Net size42″ at the posts and 36″ in the center36″ at the posts and 34″ in the center

Can a Tennis court be used as a Pickleball court?

Many players use the tennis courts to play Pickleball because of their similarities. Compared to Tennis courts, Pickleball courts are smaller in size.

With some changes, you can use the tennis courts to play Pickleball. After making the changes per Pickleball’s dimensions, you can play this sport on a Tennis court.

If you want to make your court, you can draw the dimensions on the tennis court with chalk. Finally, you can play Pickleball on a tennis court by changing boundaries, lines, and net length.


The rules may differ between Pickleball and Tennis but have many similarities between courts. The Pickleball courts are smaller in size and dimensions to fit Tennis courts.

With the average size of the Tennis court, three to four courts can fit in it. The dimensions of Pickleball courts are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.


Can we play Pickleball on the tennis court?

This sport can be played on a Tennis court by making minor changes.

How many Pickleball courts can fit in a Tennis ground?

A maximum of four Pickleball courts can fit in a Tennis court.

What are the dimensions of a typical Pickleball court?

Dimensions of Pickleball courts are 44 feet long and 36 feet wide.

How can we make tennis courts into Pickleball courts?

We can change Tennis courts into Pickleball courts by drawing the lines on the surface with chalk or tape.

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