What Pickleball Ball Used In Tournaments?

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, played using a Pickleball ball and a paddle. This sport has no official color for the ball, but some factors are essential when choosing a ball.

The outdoor and indoor ball is differentiated based on the bounce, size, no.of holes, etc. You can read this article to know the ball used to play Pickleball.

Characteristics of a Pickleball ball important for tournaments:

The elements of a Pickleball ball always differentiate between the type of game, indoor and outdoor. You can see the following features in this sport’s balls. They are:


The most common balls are made of plastics, and some use a mixture of plastic and other materials like rubber. The essential thing in the material is the bounce and durability.

Outdoor and indoor:

The Pickleball ball changes for indoor and outdoor games because, in an outdoor court, you mostly need hard balls that can bounce strongly during the wind.

The balls are comparatively soft for indoor games and are suitable for indoor surfaces and atmospheres.


The size of the ball should be able to bounce quickly because the game disturbs when the ball doesn’t jump high.

No.of holes:

Different from other sports like Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis, Pickleball balls are different because they have holes in them.

For indoor games, there should be 26 holes, and for outdoor the balls should have 36 to 42 holes.

Pickleball balls that are approved and used in tournaments:

The following Pickleball balls are approved and used for matches and are famous among the players. They are,

Characteristics of a Pickleball ball important for tournaments
Franklin x-40:

The standard ball you mostly see in the tournament is the Franklin X-40, and most professional players choose this ball because of its features. The ball is made of solid material with a stable pattern.

As these balls are strong enough, they can last for three matches in tournaments. You can replace this ball with another ball of the same model.

Dura Fast 40:

Another choice of a ball in Pickleball is the Dura Fats 40, the second choice for tournaments. The manufacturer of these balls is the original Pickleball company, Pickleball Inc.

These balls can last for two matches where they don’t crack before the damage but become soft. Once the ball becomes weak, you can replace it with another ball.

Wilson Tru 32:

These balls are well-known for their unique feature in the no.of holes where it has 32 holes on it. The composition of this ball makes it different from other balls, which can last for the entire tournament.

Onix Fuse G2:

USAPA approved the Onix Fuse G2 balls as outdoor Pickleball ball because it meets all the requirements, like their life span, bouncing capacity, etc.

Some of the models from the Onix brand don’t have approval from USAPA, so choose the balls with the support. These balls last longer than others of the same brand without cracks or damage.

Vermont indoor and outdoor balls:

The Vermont Indoor and outdoor balls are primarily available in a set with different balls for different situations. The advantage of these balls is that they are intense and complex and can last longer.

Importance of the right Pickleball ball in the game:

One can play Pickleball only by using a Pickleball ball and a paddle specially designed for this sport.

This sport has many similarities with Tennis, Badminton, and table tennis when it comes to gameplay but has very different equipment. Many models are available, but choosing the right one comes first.


One of the differences you can see in different balls is the bouncing capacity. Some bounce low, and some bounce high.

Bouncing is commonly used and seen in Pickleball, and choosing the ball that can bounce as per the requirements is essential.

Speed and control:

The speed of the ball seems different for each model based on the characteristics, and choosing the ball with the required rate comes first.

As the speed is not as per your requirements, it can change your gameplay, affecting the performance.

Hitting shots:

When the ball changes, it will be difficult for players to adapt to the ball to hit the ball. The equipment that majorly affects the quality and performance of the game is the ball, which equally affects the shots during the game.


Pickleball balls are one of the essential pieces of equipment that affect the gameplay. There are some ball models that USAPA approves for tournaments because of their features and characteristics.

For games, they choose the balls, bouncing capacity, speed and control capacity, material, no.of holes, etc. Some of the balls approved by USAPA are Franklin X-40, Core, and Wilson. Tru-32 etc.


Do Pickleball ball’s characteristics affect the performance? 

Yes, the characteristics of the ball, like its bouncing capacity, model, material, holes, etc, affect the gameplay and the player’s performance.

What are some models of Pickleball balls approved by USAPA for tournaments?

There are many balls that USAPA approved as they met the requirements, and some of them are Franklin X-42, Wilson Tru-32, Dura Fast 40, Core, etc.

How long do pickleball balls last?

The lifespan of the ball of Pickleball is different from type to type based on features like its material, style, company, etc.

What are the Pickleball balls that the USAPA does not approve?

The softballs, which mostly have rubber material, are not approved by the USAPA. From the famous brand Onix, the model Onix Pro Fous is not on the list of approved balls.

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