What Is The Standard Size Of Pickleball Paddle?

What is the standard size of the Pickleball paddle among the numerous paddles? While getting a new paddle, you may have observed that the paddles are available in different sizes and shapes.

But to know the standard size, you can read this article with additional details about the equipment.

Overview of standard size of Pickleball paddle?

Regarding the standard size of a Pickleball paddle, according to the USAPA, there is one. Even though there is a standard size among all the sizes available in the market, you can choose any paddle.

Standard size of pickleball paddle

Choosing the paddle is wholly based on a player’s preference because a standard paddle cannot help with some players’ performance. Choosing the right equipment is subjective, and you can determine whatever type. Still, it has to be approved by the Pickleball Association.

What is the standard size of the Pickleball paddle?

The equipment of Pickleball, like paddles, is available in different sizes, shapes, materials, etc., which are difficult to choose from as a beginner.

With the help of the standard size of the Pickleball paddle, it becomes easy to choose one. The standard size is 15.5-17 inches in length, 7-8.35 inches in width, 4-6 inches in grip size, and 4-4.5 inches in circumference.

The size of a paddle should be at most 24 inches when combined with the length, width, and edge guard, according to the USAPA.

The shape, size, and other paddle features can change a player’s performance. So, choose the paddle that matches all your preferences by considering the standard measurements.

Are Pickleball paddles available in the exact sizes?

No, Pickleball paddle sizes are in different ranges, giving players more options. The length and width of the paddles range from 14-18 inches and 6.5-9 inches, respectively. The grip size is 4-4.5 inches, and players can choose according to their hand size.

The standard size of the Pickleball paddle gives you an idea for the designers to design within the scope. The combined size of the paddle is 24 inches, including length, width, and edge.

How do you choose the right size for Pickleball paddles?

Pickleball paddles are available in different sizes, and choosing the right size is hectic.

There is a standard size of the Pickleball paddles that helps you choose the right one. By comparing with standard size, you try different paddles and select the one that matches your style.

The weight of the paddle majorly alters its size and its performance. As the player’s version depends on the size, select the one that compliments your style.

It would help if you chose the paddle with an excellent grip, handle, and weight that gives you control over it and improves the performance.

Impact of the size in Pickleball paddles:

Considering the standard size of Pickleball and other sized paddles, the following are some impacts of different sizes. They are,


Every player’s primary concern while choosing the right size is performance. This is because the slightest discomfort of a player can completely change the game’s result. So, choosing the right size comes first.

Power and control:

The oversized paddles are more precise and give you reasonable control for a player. Some players prefer accuracy over power, and the smaller paddles suit them.

Differences between Elongated Paddle and Standard Paddle:

The major problem when choosing the paddle as a beginner is whether to choose an elongated or standard paddle.

Long paddles are the ones that are slightly different in size from the standard size of a pickleball paddle. The significant differences are,

Elongated paddles:

The elongated paddles are best for someone looking for a more extended reach than a standard paddle.

Because of these additional features, it takes a few matches to adjust to the new paddle.

The elongated paddles allow you to hit the balls with more power and control. The size is slightly different so that you can use the paddle comfortably.

Standard paddles:

The standard paddies have the standard size issued by the USAPA that most companies follow.

These paddles are comfortable for beginner and advanced players as they are light in weight.

As the size is smaller, these paddles avoid the chance of accidents that many players prefer when playing Pickleball.

One of the significant advantages is the fantastic spin players can get while using this paddle.


Pickleball is a sport that most players in the USA are showing interest which also increases the purchase of equipment. When choosing the equipment, consider the Pickleball paddle’s standard size.

This standard measurement helps you select the legally accepted equipment in the game. The stand size is 17 inches in length and 8 inches in width.


What is the standard size of Pickleball paddles? 

The standard size for a pickleball paddle issued by USAPA is 17 inches long and 8 inches wide.

Can we only play with paddles that have standard sizes?

There is no rule that a player has to use only standard-size paddles because various sizes of paddles are available in the market. But they have to use the standard paddles when playing in the tournaments.

What is the standard grip size of paddles?

The standard size of the handle has to be 4-4.5 inches, and you have to choose a comfortable grip size while playing.

Does the quality of the paddle affect the performance?

Yes, the quality of a paddle affects a player’s performance because a high-quality paddle is made of high-quality material that is more robust and sturdy.

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