What is the most expensive pickleball paddle?

Many beginner players wonder if purchasing a new expensive Pickleball paddle is worth it. It is based on personal preference because every player has choices and tastes.

But some paddles are expensive and have many features. You can read this article to learn more about the paddles.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun sport that attracts many players with its simple rules, which combine with the elements of Tennis, Badminton, and Ping pong( table tennis).

Like tennis and Badminton, players play against each other over the net. This can be played singles and doubles in a small rectangular, square court. This is a paddle game and a ball with holes in it over the net.

Pickleball is a simple sport that allows players of different skill levels, like beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Not only for fun, but this sport is very good exercise and also a workout for people of every age group. 

What is a Pickleball paddle?

A pickleball paddle is an important piece of equipment that looks similar to a tennis racquet or ping pong racquet but is bigger. These paddles are made of plastic, wood, graphite, carbon fiber, etc.

All the materials used in the paddle affect the performance: durability, weight, size, control, etc. Pickleball paddles weigh in different sizes: lightweight, mid-weight, and heavy, between 6 ounces and 14 ounces.

Some of the most expensive Pickleball paddles are high in quality, durability, control, and affect performance. Professional players often choose lighter paddles, as do beginners, and these are some of the most important tools for a Pickleball paddle. 

Reasons to choose expensive Pickleball paddles for professional players:

Pickleball players, like beginner, intermediate, and advanced players, are categorized based on their skill level. After becoming an advanced player, they can become a professional player participating in tournaments and competitions.

A professional player is often seen choosing an expensive pickleball paddle because of the advanced technology used in making the paddle. 

Expensive paddles are made of high-quality materials like graphite and carbon fiber and are also available in wood. These paddles provide many advantages to the players; they are amazingly durable and strong.

They are made by following all the rules of the USAPA and incorporating amazing technology that is different from an average pickleball paddle.

The heavier paddles are less expensive than the high-quality ones, and a professional player chooses a lightweight one because of its features. The lightweight paddles have a balance of power, swing, spin capacity, and amazing core material.

Even though they are light in weight, they have. a good weight distribution, which offers amazing power and accuracy for the shots. They have a large sweet spot that can make players perform exceptionally. 

Finally, investing in an expensive paddle always multiplies the advantage for the players because of its features.

There are also some elongated paddles with a long handle, textured surface, and cushioned grips. So, getting an expensive paddle is always a solid choice. Still, if you are a beginner, you can opt for an affordable one. 

What factors to consider when getting an expensive pickleball paddle:

Not only while purchasing an expensive Pickleball paddle, but you should note some elements when purchasing a paddle. These factors will help you choose the right paddle and save money. They are,

Material of the paddles:

You have to be clear about what material paddle you want because they can affect the type and performance of a player. The core material of the Pickleball paddle should be amazing because it impacts performance.

The core materials of the paddle are carbon fiber, polymer, Nomex, aluminum, etc. Some paddles are high in cost due to their material composition. Check whether it is worth it or not.

Cheaper paddles don’t have some materials seen in the expensive ones that have good control, power, spin, and grip. Paddles with polymer core, polypropylene core, and reactive propylene core are additional options in the material of the paddle.

expensive pickleball paddle

The weight of a Pickleball paddle plays a significant role in players’ game. Three types of weighted paddles are lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight.

Most players prefer mid-weight paddles because they are comfortable to use. If you choose the wrong size, then the cost of the paddle can go to waste.

So, choose the right size by trial and error method. Even though some paddles are lightweight, they offer perfect balance when playing the game.

Grip size:

A good grip on a paddle is essential to score and handle the ball well. It is not worth the money if the paddles are expensive and don’t have good and correct grip sizes.

The ant-slip grip-sized paddles don’t slip from hands while playing Pickleball. The comfortable grip size allows the players to improve their performance. 

Try various paddles to choose the correct grip size of the paddle, even though it is an expensive Pickleball paddle. The grip options often change based on a player’s hand size.

You can choose your grip size by checking the distance between your ring finger and the crease of the palm. 

Length and width of paddle:

According to the rules, the total paddle length is 24 inches, combined with the edge guard and the butt cap. There are some longer paddles with larger sweet spots, which are best for beginners.

There are many choices for players which they can choose according to the price range and requirements. 

With the standard paddle length, the paddle width is in different sizes. As the paddle length and width increase, the area for the sweet spot increases. So, try out different paddles to get the right length and width. 

The shape of the paddle:

Some different shapes of paddles are available in the market in expensive and affordable options. The shape of the paddle offers different sweet spots. But oval-shaped paddles are the common ones.

Getting a right-shaped Pickleball paddle makes your game easy. So choose accordingly.

Sweet spot:

Every Pickleball paddle has its sweet spot, which means the paddle area has amazing ultimate power and control. This plays a crucial role in a player’s performance.

A beginner player can go for a larger sweet spot because this can help him hit the ball and learn more techniques. However, a professional player selects the paddle with a less sweet spot as they can get more precise and accurate shots.

Skill level of a player:

Before choosing a Pickleball paddle, you must evaluate a player’s skill level to choose the right, expensive paddle. 

A beginner player can choose an affordable paddle. Still, they can select from the expensive options if they can afford it. But it will be best if the paddles have an amazingly larger sweet spot, allowing the player to perform well with the basic skills. They can also choose lighter paddles that can improve performance by their control and maneuvering. 

An intermediate player can choose either from expensive or affordable options. Choosing from the next level of the existing paddles is best.

They can choose a standard Pickleball paddle with amazing features to help them in competitive games. But an advanced player can get an expensive paddle, which only improves the performance and helps in competitions. 

Types of expensive Pickleball paddles:

If you are a pickleball player, you know how hard it is to select the right paddle. A beginner player can choose any paddle from the affordable options. However, a professional and competitive player can choose from the expensive options with advanced technology.

These paddles have similarities with the standard paddle but with some advanced features. Some of the types of expensive paddles are,

Graphite paddles:

Graphite paddles are an excellent choice for professional and competitive players. These are lightweight paddles made using lightweight and high-end materials that maximize power and control.

Among many paddle options, graphite paddles have become popular with their features that benefit the player. 

These are the high-end paddles, which are lightweight and give comfortable maneuvering and swinging while playing. Players can react easily to the ball and maintain control even with some intense shots. 

Another advantage of this paddle is that they have amazing power because of the advanced technology. They can give accurate and precise shots for the players, which is an amazing feature.

These are the ideal choices if you are a professional player and a player who often participates in competitions. 

Carbon fiber paddles:

The carbon fiber paddles come under high-end paddles with perfect length, width, shape, material, and technology. These paddles are also ideal for professional players because of their unparalleled power and unique features. 

The major advantage is that they are lightweight paddles that offer precision and control for the players. These paddles have all the features a professional wants, like lightweight, precise shots, accuracy, power, and control. 

Wooden paddles:

Wooden paddles are the standard pickleball paddles that most beginner players choose. These paddles come under the affordable options compared to the other paddles like graphite and carbon fiber. 

These paddles are durable, and they can last longer with regular practice. These are made of solid wood and suits for beginner players for regular practice. They rarely show signs of tearing and breakage. 

However, the power of the wooden paddles is comparatively lower than that of the graphite and carbon fiber paddles. Another feature that attracts the players is the sound while hitting the shots using it. 

High-end composite Pickleball paddles:

High-end paddles are made using advanced technology and high-end materials that don’t match any paddle. These paddles blend Carbon fiber, wood, graphite, etc., with power, control, and spin capacity. 

The exceptional quality of these paddles is their amazing durability because of the blend of carbon fiber and graphite. This doesn’t show the signs of tearing and wearing, even after some powerful shots in an intense rally. 

Another visible advantage of these paddles is the blend of the power of various paddles enhances the power of these paddles with greater control. 

These high-end paddles allow the players to enhance their spin shots. These paddles are popular among players of different skill levels.

The high-end paddle’s innovative technology is ideal for both a beginner and a professional player. A high-end composite paddle is the most expensive pickleball paddle available. 

Hybrid Pickleball paddles:

Hybrid paddles are high-quality paddles that have a combination of different and advanced materials. Hybris paddles are similar to polymers, carbon fiber, and polypropylene, and they have exceptional power and a standout feature. 

The advantage of these paddles is that they are suitable for beginner and advanced players. The paddle’s extra features give beginner players enormous chances to excel in their skills. 

Another innovative feature of these paddles is their durability, which is different from others. These paddles have great swing speed, unmatched power, lightweight design, and great swing capacity.

The versatility of the hybrid paddles has a larger sweet spot that can improve the players’ performance. 

What is the most expensive pickleball paddle?

Every player’s dream is to play their game with an expensive paddle as it has many features.

But, there is no guarantee that expensive paddles give excellent results as it depends on the player’s performance.

Selkirk Project 003 is currently the most expensive paddle, worth $330. Getting expensive tools can improve your performance because of their features.

This brand’s paddles have amazing grip length, grip size, core design, decent power, and enhanced spin. 

Many professional players opt for these expensive paddles because of their high quality, material, grip, etc. To invest in a good paddle, you must research and choose according to your preference.

Some of the expensive paddles that have the perfect blend of all features are from well-known brands:

  • Engage Pursuit Ultra EX worth $260
  • ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace pro $250
  • Gearbox CX 14E Ultimate Power is $250
  • Joola Ben Johns Hyperion is $250

Benefits of getting an expensive pickleball paddle:

Some of the major benefits of getting an expensive Pickleball paddle as a beginner to advanced players are,

  • Expensive paddles have a great large sweet spot that can enhance the skills of a beginner player.
  • These paddles have an anti-slip grip that doesn’t slip when players are playing. 
  • Using an expensive paddle, players can hit power shots by using the extra power feature.
  • After mastering the levels, these paddles are built with the precision that an advanced player needs. 
  • The advanced technology of the paddles can improve ball control. 
  • These are lightweight to mid-weight paddles that have an evenly distributed weight. 

Is it worth getting an expensive Pickleball paddle?

For a professional player, investing in an expensive paddle is worth it because of the benefits that add to the game.

Even if you are a beginner player, getting an expensive paddle can be worth it because a regular paddle needs hard strokes to hit the ball.

But you can skip purchasing it if you are on a budget. Expensive equipment for Pickleball adds extra benefits like quality, material, grip, etc., which can improve performance.

You can hit however strong with the paddle because of its durable and sturdy material. Finally, it is worth investing in expensive equipment for Pickleball. 

How much can players invest in Pickleball paddles?

The paddles for Pickleball are available between $80 to $350 in the market and have different features.

If you are a beginner player and want to learn the game, then getting a low-prize paddle can get you some experience with the game.

Once you learn the game and its rules, you can get an expensive Pickleball paddle during your intermediate stage. This improves your performance.

Consider all the required features and invest between $80 to $250 to get a new paddle. But check the material and quality and do a trail using the paddle to see the grip and handle. 


Pickleball paddles are the most essential equipment to play the game. Investing in a good paddle has to be your first preference if you are willing to start the sport.

It is worth investing in an expensive pickleball paddle, which has a high chance of improving performance.

These paddles are of high-quality, good material with excellent grip. So, select a good tool that is suitable for your gameplay. 


What is the most expensive paddle available in the market?

Selkirk Project 003 paddle is the most costly Pickleball paddle available.

Is it worth investing in expensive equipment for Pickleball?

Yes, it is worth investing in expensive paddles because of their quality and the material they are made of. They also have a good grip.

Does the player’s game change with expensive paddles?

As the material and quality of expensive paddles are great, it automatically improves the performance quality.

Can a beginner player purchase an expensive paddle?

This is ultimately the players -reference because if you want to make a one-time investment, choose an expensive paddle. Still, if you try the game, you can get costly equipment later.

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