What is the double bounce rule in Pickleball?

Even though Pickleball rules are easy to learn and follow, some rules can be tricky sometimes. Many players tend to learn fast, but a beginner with sports knowledge struggles to understand the rules. One of the rules is the Double bounce rule. You can learn the rule slowly by understanding some tips in this article.

What is a Double Bounce rule?

The double-bounce rule is the basic rule that every beginner of Pickleball has to learn. Even though it can be tricky because of the name, like the Two-bounce rule, it is important to know about it.

In Pickleball, this rule is when the ball has served, it should bounce twice on each side before volleying.


In 2018, the naming of this rule changed to the Two-bounce rule according to the Pickleball rulebook. Every beginner has many doubts regarding this rule. Still, it is the basic rule that every player has to learn before starting the game.

To explain the rule, once the serving team serves the ball and hits its first shot, the receiver player should let the ball bounce on the ground once before returning.

Again, the serving team should wait till the ball bounces on the ground before returning to complete two bounces. After two bounces are complete, then they can start volleying.

Purpose of Double-bouncing:

Pickleball has many easy rules, yet it is a fun game to play with partners. If there is no Double-bounce rule, it is a disadvantage to the receiving and serving team because points can be achieved only by serving.

This rule creates the game’s fun part and can have many of the dink shots.

If this rule does not exist, then the serving team serves the ball, and the ball reaches the receiving team. As the receiving team is at the non-volley zone line, they hit the ball straight to the kitchen.

The serving team cannot receive the ball as they are far from the baseline. This becomes an unfair game for the players.

If a 1-bounce rule existed, the serving team serves the ball from the baseline. The receiving team waits for their fist to bounce and hits the ball with a smash. This creates an unfair situation where the other team doesn’t get the chance to receive the ball.

What is a Double Bounce rule

How is the Double-bounce rule played?

In Pickleball, Double-bounce rules can be played in the first three rallies. The rule looks like this,

  • The serving team serves the first to the diagonally opposite opponent.
  • The receiver waits until the ball bounces once and returns it to the serving team.
  • Again, the serving team waits for the second bounce and returns it to the receiving team.
  • After the two bouncings, they can continue to volley or hit the ground shots.

Difference between Double-bounce and Two-bouncing:

Both the Double-bouncing and Two-bouncing have the only similarity that deals with the number two. Other than that, both the terms have very different meanings and existence.

The double-bounce rule means when the ball bounces twice on the same side, which is a fault shot. But, the two-bounce rule is a good rule for the players.

Pickleball rules

This is the rule when the volleying starts once the ball bounces twice on each side.

Many people need clarification regarding its name, even when the two terms exist differently. It is because, till 2018, this rule was called Double-bouncing and later changed to Two-bouncing.

Who is the inventor of the Double-bounce rule?

The Pickleball game was invented by Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCullum, who were also involved in creating the game. These three men are neighbors and created this game to entertain themselves in their leisure. This is also to improve physical strength as it can become a workout.

They even created the traditional version of the Pickleball paddle, but this rule’s history and story are still undiscovered. Any of these three men can create this rule.

Who benefits more from the Two-bounce rule?

The creators create double-bounce rules to make the game fun and advantageous for receiving and serving teams. Once the ball is served, the receiving team’s player has to wait till the ball bounces.

The serving team has to get the return shot. This rule benefits the receiving team more by avoiding the advantage to the serving team.


Learning a sport requires physical strength and basic knowledge about the sport. Pickleball is a game with tricky yet simple rules. Double-bounce is the rule that creates more fun in the game by avoiding advantages to either team. It is one of the basic rules and can easily follow.

But it is confusing because the name changed to Two-Bounce in 2018, because of the confusion. These two names have two very different existences in the same game. The article gives all the details regarding the game and its rules.


What is double-bouncing?

Double-bounce is a rule in Pickleball, where the volley starts if the ball bounces twice on each side.

Does this rule’s inexistence cause a disadvantage to the game?

The rule is the main reason for the fun and fair play. If this rule doesn’t exist, it eliminates the fun and causes disadvantageous situations. This is because it is a serve-point game.

Who is the inventor of the two-bounce rule?

The three creators are Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCullum.

Does it count when the second bounce is in the kitchen?

According to the rulebook, the second bounce can be in the kitchen of the opponent’s team, but the first bounce should not be in the kitchen.

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