What is the cost of building a Pickleball Court?

Knowing that Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America, many players go to the Pickleball courts to learn the game. Pickleball has many similarities to Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis. Some people construct their court in their own space, such as a tennis court, etc. So, the cost of building a Pickleball court is given in this blog post.

building a Pickleball Court

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a famous American paddle sport with Tennis, badminton, and ping pong elements. This became famous among many players, and every Sports lover worldwide showed interest in Pickleball.

This can be played in singles and doubles using a Pickleball Paddle and a perforated plastic ball with holes. The rules of this sport look similar to Tennis but have its own rules that make it even more interesting. 

The popularity of Pickleball in the US:

Even though Pickleball is a new game, the sport’s popularity is rapidly growing. The mixture of Tennis, Badminton, and Table tennis makes people engage with this sport.

Its easy gameplay and exciting elements attract more and more people of all age groups. With the popularity of Pickleball, the demand for pickleball courts is also increasing. 

By seeing the popularity, many government communities, private parks, outdoor parks, community centers, and even Private residents started installing outdoor and indoor courts for players. Installing a court can be easy, but a Pickleball court construction project costs a lot.

It includes many factors like the material, surface type, area, etc. But the quality Pickleball courts last longer without any damage, reducing many additional repair costs. 

The costs change based on many factors, and it can cost between $20,000 to $40,000 for Concrete or Asphalt surfaces. But there are additional costs like maintenance costs, etc.

The cost increases because of the labor costs, installation costs, etc. Building a standard Pickleball court can help players practice for professional games and play for fun any day. A private court can give players an even more comfortable playing experience.

cost of building a Pickleball Court

Difference between Tennis and Pickleball courts:

Tennis and Pickleball elements are often different, even with some similarities. The major difference between these two sports is their court. The size of the Pickleball court is smaller than the Tennis court, which affects the costs for installation. The size of a tennis court is 78′ X 36′, and Pickleball is 44′ X 20′. 

Another difference you can see in these courts is the size of the net, which makes a difference. Pickleball nets are 36 inches long, whereas Tennis nets are 3.5 Square feet. But, with the help of adjusters, you can change the size of the nets and install them. 

The playing surfaces differ, whereas Tennis uses a strong, hard surface made of Concrete or Asphalt base to make the ball bounce more than average. However, for standard Pickleball courts, the surface will be softer with the same material but with an acrylic coating.

The harder surface of the courts can make the court a permanent Pickleball court that players can use longer for competitions, fun pickleball games, public programs, etc. 

Changing the Tennis court into a Pickleball court can save the higher costs. You can change it easily by changing surface material, net adjustments, fencing options, etc. 

Factors that affect the cost of building a Pickleball court:

If you plan to construct your court, some key factors affect the cost of building a Pickleball court. This construction project needs proper planning, so knowing these factors can help you save costs.

What is the cost of building a Pickleball court
Location of the site:

The location of the site where you plan to build the court plays a major role in the cost. In some areas, the land price can be low compared to others. So, choose the site’s location wisely when you have a limited budget.

Labor costs:

Paying for the labor work while building the Pickleball court is a major cost, and it can change according to the construction company and the contractor. 

Size of the court and layout:

As the court size and layout affect the cost, you must check the dimensions correctly when building the court.

Surface material:

Different surface materials are used to build the court’s surface, like Concrete, pro-cushioned material, clay surfaces, and grass. So, choose according to your budget and check the quality to save the budget. 

Material quality:

Construction of a court is possible with the help of labor, who does all the work using different materials. But to make the court last longer without damage, use high-quality materials to prevent additional repair costs. Using quality materials for the court makes the quality Pickleball courts. Some materials cannot be available at your place, so that you can ship them, but they can have additional shipping costs. 

Additional amenities:

There are some additional amenities and accessories that you should install in the court. Some are the benches, washrooms, dressing rooms, equipment storage, etc.


Lighting is one of the important things in the court to play in the evenings. How much lighting is required to install the entire court will affect the cost.

Perimeter Fencing:

For safety and protection, fencing is important, which is one factor affecting the cost. Having fences for larger size courts can provide safety for players and audiences. The fence provides additional privacy for the players. Fencing can be chain link fences, which are affordable, and coated fences, which are extra strong.

What is the cost of building a Pickleball court?

Since 2019, the popularity of Pickleball has been rapidly growing, and many players are practicing their game on the courts. But you can install your court for your daily practice. The average cost of building a Pickleball court is between $25,000-$50,000. The cost of construction is explained in detail below.

A breakdown of the costs of the Pickleball court is as follows:

  • Site preparation cost: The price range is $2,000-$10,000 based on the location.
  • Concrete installation or padding: $6,500(approximately).
  • Fence for safety: $5,000.
  • Labor and equipment have no exact estimation because they vary in rates.
  • Lighting system: Approximately $5,000 for the entire court.
  • Net system: $50 -$1,000 varies based on the quality of the net.
  • Painting and surface coating varies accordingly.

The above costs are the estimations for building a Pickleball court. By checking all the costs, you can plan to build your court for Pickleball.

The above costs are the estimations for building a Pickleball court. By checking all the costs, you can plan to build your court for Pickleball.

Types of Pickleball courts:

If you plan to build a Pickleball court, you must first decide the type of Pickleball court you want. There are two types of Pickleball courts you can construct. However, the cost of building the Pickleball court varies from type to type. The two types are,

Outdoor Courts:

Outdoor courts commonly need a larger area for their installation. This court typically has two types that are differentiated by the surface material. Concrete and gravel bases are the common bases for outdoor Pickleball courts. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Concrete Base:

This base is stronger and more durable, which has a low chance of cracks. The surface looks hard but is comparatively smooth and provides consistency while playing Pickleball. This base can make the Pickleball players feel comfortable when playing without any discomfort. One of the major advantages is that it needs low maintenance, which also reduces maintenance costs. This base is more expensive than the other base, but it can be the best option for the court. 

 Gravel base:

The gravel base for a Pickleball court is one of the most affordable options for reducing the costs of an Outdoor court. It is easy to construct this court and also can be done faster. Players can play the Pickleball game on this court for fun or a competition. However, the maintenance for this base is higher and needs proper care and regular maintenance. 

Choosing the base for your court is subjective; consider all the factors like the budget, lighting, size, durability, maintenance, etc. 

Indoor courts:

An Indoor court has a standard Pickleball court, and customization is available based on preference. 

The standard court has hardwood and synthetic flooring, commonly seen in most nationwide courts. The hardwood floors have their aesthetic and look traditional, durable, and strong. The synthetic surfaces look even more comfortable for players with the cushioned surface. Yet, they are durable, which most people prefer. 

Coming to the indoor courts, lighting is a major feature that provides visibility for the players. The adequate lighting allows players to see the ball, and the poor lighting doesn’t affect their game. The lighting should be convenient so that the light doesn’t glare for players. 

But, these courts can be customized per requirements like providing locker rooms, seating areas with benches, space for an audience, etc. But these courts need regular maintenance and care.

You have the average cost of building a Pickleball court now; the following steps are constructing a court. they are,

Preparing the site:

The first thing to do for building a court is to find a suitable area to build one that fits the court dimensions. It is better to search for an area where it is calm and where you can practice without issues.

As the Tennis court can fit three to four Pickleball courts, you can also construct a Pickleball court in the Tennis court.

So, after fixing the site, clear the area by removing all the trees, bushes, trash, etc. The dimensions of the Pickleball court are 44×20 feet, but it is better to measure 54×24 for the extra space. You can prepare the site independently, but you can also hire a contractor to do the work, which costs around $5,000.

Installation of Concrete:

Most Pickleball courts have a concrete surface as they are sturdy and last longer without damage.

This is the most expensive part of the court’s construction, so start applying the 4 x 6 slabs using the Concrete—the entire concert construction costs around $6,500-$7,000 to cover the entire court. 

After the concrete layer installation, you must apply the Acrylic resurfacer, which protects the surface from damage. The acrylic surface protects the surface from any weather changes and temperature changes.

Installation of net and fence:

Pickleball needs a net in the center, so install a portable or permanent net by measuring the dimensions. As for the fence, you must install it for safety. The court must have the fence to measure and use high-quality material.

Construction of the court:

After installing the net and fence, you must choose the colors for the court surface. Most court surfaces are seen in blue and green, but you can choose any vibrant color. Whatever the color, you must only use acrylic paint on the surface. The acrylic court surface makes the court layer durable and also prevents damage.

After painting, the next step is drawing the game lines on the court. You must measure and mark your points using a marker or tape and join all Pickleball lines. After that, you can use chalk or white paint to draw the game lines that indicate the boundaries.

Financing options to build a Pickleball court:

You are a pickleball enthusiast, want your court for the practice, and want to build one within the budget. You have the average cost of building a Pickleball court now, and the following are the two options for funding to bear the costs.

Personal savings:

One of the options to build your court without any future trouble is using your savings. This may cost around $25,000-$50,000, so you can plan according to the budget. This is the private funding option you can use if you can afford the costs. 

Loans or public funding:

One of the easiest and fastest ways to get funding is by taking a loan from any bank. Many financial companies provide financial assistance to build a court.

Tips to maintain the Pickleball court:

You finally built your court after knowing the cost of building a Pickleball court But maintaining the court is a major concern. You can follow the following tips for maintaining and considerations for the newly built court: they are

  • Take all the necessary permissions for building the court to avoid any issues after construction.
  • After construction, the courts need regular cleaning to remove fallen dry leaves, dirt, and debris that damages the base layer.
  • You can roof your court to avoid the damages caused by the weather conditions and prevent players from the direct sun glare. 
  • You must regularly inspect the surface to check whether the surface has any damage, cracks, breakages, etc. 
  • You can even lay a mat on the court’s entrance to protect the surface.
  • Make sure to clean the court regularly to avoid damage.
  • Constructing the court in a calm area is better so you can practice your game peacefully.
  • Make sure to change the lighting occasionally to avoid any blackouts.
  • Immediately consult a professional if you find any damage in the court to avoid the problem becoming bigger.


You are tired of traveling for a very long time for your one-hour practice for Pickleball, so you want to build one on your own. Then, the average cost of building a Pickleball court can be between $25,000-$50,000, including the site, net, concrete installation, lighting, fencing, etc.

Site location, labor work, contractor changes, surface material, etc., are the factors that affect the costs; plan accordingly to build your Pickleball court.


Can we build a Pickleball court in a tennis court? 

The Tennis court is larger than the Pickleball court, and because of its similarities, you can build it on the tennis court.

How much does it cost to build a Pickleball court?

The average costs, including everything, are between $25,000 and $50,000.

How much does the labor work for building the Pickleball court cost?

As the labor work varies, the costs vary based on many factors.

What color is best for the surface of the Pickleball court?

The Pickleball court is mostly seen in blue or green, but you can also use any vibrant color to paint the court’s surface.

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