What is the best surface for a pickleball court?

As pickleball rapidly grows in popularity, one of the major concerns for the players is what the suitable surface for a pickleball court is. There are many suitable surfaces, but choosing the best one is important. Help yourself by reading this article about the types of surfaces and the best ones for the court.

List of surfaces for a Pickleball court:

There are different types of surfaces available for Pickleball courts. You can choose the perfect surface for a Pickleball court that meets all your requirements. The below list is some surfaces.

What is the best surface for a pickleball court

Pro-cushion surface:

Pro-cushion surfaces are the most convenient option for pickleball courts because they reduce shocks while playing. This also refrains you from sprains in the knee, ankles, etc.

This surface gives you enough recovery time and is comfortable for players while playing the game. It has some coarse rubber material coated with acrylic granules.

  • The surface is smooth, which makes it easy to play.
  • The surface has rubber and acrylic coating, providing a good grip for the players.
  • It is durable and can last long, even with continuous play.
  • The Pickleball court looks professional with the pro-cushioned surface.
  • During the game, it becomes hard to hit the ball.
  • It is very comfortable, so adapting to other grounds can be challenging.
  • It is expensive, and it can be a waste if you want to play the game for fun,


Concrete is one of the cheaper surface options if you are on a budget. This rigid and hard surface suits even for tennis and badminton. You can predict the movements as it is one of the convenient options.

  • It is cheaper and easily installed because it is one of the common options.
  • If you want a smoother surface, you can overlay it with other smoother layers on the top of the concrete surface.
  • It is very durable and can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Because of the rigid material, you can hurt hard if you slip on the surface.
  • Sometimes, it will become necessary to overlay with other surfaces, which increases the cost of a surface for a Pickleball court.

Grass surface:

The grass surface is the least selected option because it is more challenging to play on this surface. This gives the players a unique experience and difficulty and is one of the least common surfaces for a Pickleball court. The ball bounces less than other surfaces, making the movements unpredictable.

  • It reduces joint pains and other sprains.
  • The grass surface makes the court look neat and comfortable.
  • The ball bounces too low and gives a unique and different experience.
  • It’s not suitable for tournaments.

Clay surface:

As same as grass surfaces, clay surfaces also give a unique experience for the players. The entire court is made of clay, so it easily absorbs the water and gets damaged quickly.

  • The game becomes slower, which is suitable for beginners.
  • The surface will be cooler in summer and warm weather.
  • It can get damaged easily in rain and heat.
  • As the game becomes slower, it doesn’t suit advanced and professional players.
What is the best surface for a Pickleball court?

We cannot easily decide which is the best surface for a Pickleball court because the matter is always subjective. Some choose a pro-cushion surface because of its comfort and convenience. Some choose grass surfaces because they don’t hurt after accidents.

You can choose the best surface, which means the suitable surface that meets all your requirements. Requirements for a beginner player are different from those of an advanced player. So select wisely as per your requirements and needs.


Many surface options are available for Pickleball players to install on the court. However, they need help choosing the best pickleball surface because there are many options. Even though many options like grass, clay, concrete, and pro-cushion surfaces exist, choosing the best one is always subjective. Consider this article’s pros and cons before choosing the best surface.


What are some surfaces for Pickleball court options? 

Some Pickleball surfaces are Pro-cushion, acrylic, concert, clay, and grass.

Which is the best surface for a Pickleball to avoid sudden sprains and shocks in ankles and knees? 

A Pro-cushioned surface is the best and most convenient option to avoid sudden knee and ankle sprains.

Are the surfaces for the Pickleball courts expensive? 

Some are expensive based on features, but some cheaper options are available, like concrete.

Can the clay surface stay longer?

As the clay surfaces absorb water, they can get damaged earlier than others, staying strong in any weather.

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