What is stacking in Pickleball?

While playing Pickleball, there can be many times that you might get stuck with stacking. Learning the game and its rules and techniques thoroughly is very important. You can learn the technique and its rules from this article.

Meaning of Stacking

In Pickleball, while playing doubles, there are many rules that the players have to follow. According to the original rules, the game starts with the players of the serving team starting at the baseline to serve the ball.

But from the receiving team, one player starts at the baseline and the other at the Kitchen. With each score point, the teams have to shift their positions from the left side to the right side and vice versa.

What is stacking in Pickleball

The players follow this rule even if they are on receiving or serving teams. A stacking strategy will be helpful while playing doubles, where the players can stay on the same side, or the team can line up on the court.

The players can use this strategy throughout the game to score and win. To explain this, even if you are serving or receiving, you can avoid switching the position after the serve or receive. By staying on the same side, you can earn the point in the game.

When to use stacking?

There are some times that stacking will be useful while playing Pickleball. They are,

  • This strategy works when your teammate is the opposite-hand player; using the strategy, both forehands will be in the middle of the court.
  • When your teammate is good at either forehand or backhand, you can use the stack method to make their forehand or backhand in the middle.
  • This works best when you want to confuse opponents by changing the strategies.
  • This is useful to empathize with one’s weaknesses or strengths while playing the game.
  • You can use a stack strategy to make your team strong and make the game harder.

How does stacking work in Pickleball?

Per the rules, the players have certain positions while serving and receiving, and stacking works when players shift to their preferred side instead of standing at different sides at the centreline.

During the game, the strategy is used when the players want to confuse the opponents and use their strengths. This rule and its tactics change whether they are on the serving or receiving side.

When to use stacking

Even if they are receiving or serving, you can line up on the same side as your partner throughout the game.

They can move to your positions once you complete their service or receive your ball. Many players use this strategy while playing the game to level the game up.

Stacking on the serve or while returning the serve:

The tactics for stacking change whether you are serving or returning the serve. It changes as,

For serve:

At first, the players stand at the serving side per the traditional position. That means the server stands on the right side of the court, and the other players are on the left.

Normally, the players switch positions once they score a point. But with this strategy, the player on the right side shifts to the left side,

But the other players stay on the left instead of crossing over. This way, you can continue the game without shifting places.

For returning the serve:

Typically, in Pickleball, the receiving players stand as one player at the baseline and the other near the non-volley zone. But using this stacking, they stand out of bounds.

To return the service, the player can move to their left side. One player is already at the non-volley zone, and the other can reach it by taking a few steps.

Using this strategy, the player on the left side returns the ball, with the other on the left side too. Once a point is scored, they can shift from the left to the court’s right side.

Hand signals of Stacking in Pickleball:

Using the strategy doesn’t need shouting all the time while playing. Some hand signs will help you know when to use stacking in the pickleball strategy. They are,

  • Show an open hand when you want to switch.
  • Show a fist to stay in the position.

These signals can be used to confuse your opponents to score points.

Advantages of Stacking:

There are some advantages to using the stacking strategy while playing Pickleball. they are,

  • This strategy is the best way to strengthen your and your teammate’s strengths.
  • This strategy can be used to make your teammates forehand in the middle.
  • You can use this tactic when another player on your team is left-handed.
  • This helps hide one’s weaknesses.

Things to remember while using stacking in Pickleball:

Learning a technique or strategy of a game or sport is easy. But, learning when and how to use the strategies is important. Here are some tips for using the stacking strategy perfectly.

  • Always be aware of the gaps so your opponent doesn’t hit the ball at the gaps.
  • Take your time using the strategies. Always calculate the time and space in your mind.
  • Make sure that you are keeping track of the score.
  • Always make a move based on your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths.


Pickleball is a sport that needs lots of strategies while playing it. Stacking is one of them, and it is helpful to use players’ strengths well. This strategy can hide the weaknesses.

This strategy is standing on the same side of the court, and it is important to use this at the right time. Always use this based on your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.


What is stacking in Pickleball?

This is a doubles strategy in Pickleball where the players on the same team line up or stack on the same side of the court.

Is it legal to use this strategy?

Yes, this strategy is completely legal, and many players use this strategy while playing this game.

Can players use hand signals before using the strategy?

Yes, many players use hand sighs like a full hand or a fist to show signs of switching and staying.

Will this strategy help win?

Many players use this strategy to strengthen their strengths and cover the weaknesses of their teammates. This is the best strategy when one of the players is the opposite hand of yours.

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