What is a starting score of a doubles Pickleball game?

It is challenging for a beginner to understand the scores for doubles and singles. The scoring criteria are slightly different for singles and doubles. To score well while playing doubles Pickleball, you must know the basic rules as a beginner. This article lets you learn how to earn points while playing doubles.

Rules of doubles Pickleball:

Every game has certain rules that every player must follow to become professional. Likewise, We know Pickleball is a game that can be played in singles and doubles. Doubles Pickleball has a set of rules you should consider while playing. They are,

  • A point can be scored only by serving and not by receiving.
  • The player in the right corner must serve their opposite diagonal opponent first.
  • Once the serving team wins a point, E, the server has to move to the left side.
  • Each player in a team gets the chance to serve.
  • The volley starts once the double-bounce or two-bounce is completed.
  • The first side is decided by toss or any other way.
Doubles Pickleball

How do you score in Doubles Pickleball?

The scoring system of a Doubles Pickleball is slightly different because it has a numbers score. The three numbers in the score are Server score, receiver score, server number one, and server number two.

So the game starts in doubles with the score of 0-0-2. The receiving team gets to serve if the service team commits any fault.

For example, let us say that the score in the game is 6-4-2; that means 6 is the server team score, 4 is the receiver team score, and the third number is on server 2 of the serving team.

The score in singles doesn’t have any third number, i.e., the starting score is 0-0. The third number is the serving number of whoever is in the right corner serving the ball.

Pickleball Double Scoring Rules

For scoring, the serving team first serves the ball, and if there is a fault or not, the serve goes to the receiving team. Once they score the point, they always move from right to left corner or left to right corner.

And this is only possible if they score a point on a serve. The game continues this way, and if the score becomes even, the first player who served will get the chance to serve again.

Tips for scoring in doubles pickleball:

Here are some tips and strategies to score well in doubles Pickleball. they are,

  • Move the hands and bend the knees to reach the ball faster.
  • Deciding the shot you want to hit before hitting it would be best.
  • Use your strength well and focus on your opponent’s weakness.
  • Please do not hit the ball too high, and keep it low.
  • Warm up before the game is important to stay strong while playing.
  • Always understand your partner’s strategies to play along with them.
  • Be patient, and do not rush to score the point.
Pickleball Game


Pickleball is a game that has both single and double players’ options. Rather than singles, doubles Pickleball seems more interesting to play. Playing doubles can be more fun and can also improve your gameplay.

The scoring of the doubles in this game is slightly different because it has three numbers. The starting score is 0-0-2; the first is the serving team’s score, and the second is the receiving score.

And the third is server #2. With true partnership and more practice, you can earn points in doubles easily.


What is the starting score in doubles pickleball?

The starting score in doubles is 0-0-2.

What is the third number in the score?

The third number in the score is the server number of the serving team server #2.

What is the winning score of the game?

The winning score of the doubles is 11, but if the score is tied at 10, then any team can win if they score 12.

What is the starting score of singles Pickleball?

The singles pickleball starting score is similar to every game score, i.e., 0-0.

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