What is a Dink shot in Pickleball?

Want to learn about a Dink shot and how to hit one? Then you came to the right place, even though Pickleball is a sport.

You can learn all the techniques only by playing and practicing them. But, with the help of this article, you can get a basic idea about the shot and easily master it.

What is a Dink shot?

In Pickleball, a Dink shot means you hit the ball from a Non-volley zone to your opponent’s Non-volley zone.

This shot slows down the game and is called a Soft shot. The non-volley zone is the zone 7 feet from the net. You can make your opponent change their position by hitting the dink shots, giving you points.


A non-volley zone is often called a Kitchen. In the middle of your game, if you hit this shot, then the opponent doesn’t get enough time and can keep your opponent busy.

This shot is when you hit the ball to your opponent’s Kitchen, and it gets low contact. Once you master this shot, you can get an extra chance to win against your opponent.

Types of Dink shots:

A Dink shot is common, but there are types in this shot. They are,

Cross-court dink:

Cross-court dink means hitting the ball near the net, even from a distance. With this shot, you can score a point as it becomes hard for your opponent to receive the ball.

One of the helpful shots while playing is this shot because it keeps your opponents busy and out of their position.

Down the line dink shot:

As the name implies, down the line, dink means hitting the ball directly opposite to your opponent. There is nothing wrong with the Cross-court dinks.

Types of Dink shots

But while using them continuously, your opponent can guess them. By mixing the shots, you can confuse them and win the game.

Back and Top spin dinks:

Topspin means that the ball falls into the Kitchen zone without any spin faster and returns immediately once it hits the court.

This shot doesn’t give enough time to your opponent to react to the ball and makes your opponent out of their position.

How to hit a Dink shot in Pickleball

Whereas backspin is when the shot is unpredictable and slow. This gives time to your opponent, but they cannot predict the shot.

How to hit a Dink shot in Pickleball:

You can hit a Dink shot while playing Pickleball by following the below methods. They are,

  • The first one is to choose the right opponent wisely. This shot best suits someone who hits hard shots. Dink shots slow down the game and don’t allow the dink shots.
  • Even though you excel in this shot, do not always use this shot while playing. Your opponent can predict your shots and timing, so hit this shot occasionally to confuse your opponent.
  • Please choose the best grip to hit this shot because it is slow, so choosing the right one plays a major role.
  • Position your shot and aim the ball a little over the net so the ball doesn’t touch the net and reaches exactly in the Non-volley zone.

Purpose of a Dink shot:

Every shot and technique has its purpose in Pickleball. The Dink shot also aims to make your opponent sprint from their position.

This shot is traditionally defensive, but many players later used it as an attacking shot.

This shot doesn’t directly give you a chance to attack, but it gives you enough time to prepare your shot by observing your opponent.

The only attacking advantage you get is that you can confuse your opponent with your shots by slowing down the game.

You can put enough pressure on your opposing team to gain the points. Another way to attack is when your opponent continuously gives the hard shots; you can slow the game by hitting the dink shots.

Difference between Dink shot and Drop shot:

A beginner player or learner of Pickleball often needs clarification on a ‘Drop’ and ‘Dropshot. Even though they are soft shots, they have two different purposes.

You must know the difference between these two to play your game against your opponent effectively.

Drop-in Pickleball means hitting off the ball to bounce in the baseline or transition zone. The players commonly use this to reach the non-volley zone from the backcourt.

Drop shot means hitting the ball from the Non-volley zone when the other team is at baseline. This shot makes the opponent player come to the Kitchen to receive the ball.

In Pickleball, Drop means dropping the ball to avoid being attacked. But Dink shot means slowing down the shot to avoid the attack and initiating the attack simultaneously.

Technical tips to learn the Dink shot:

Here are some tips while learning the dink shot in Pickleball. They are,

  • Using the continental grip for hitting this shot is suitable for getting the exact shot during the game. You can hit the dink shots for both Front and backhands with this grip.
  • Bend your knees before hitting this shot. Most beginner players bend their writs and backs but don’t bend their knees. This can cause an injury while playing.
  • Not only the dink shots, but you can also hit a dink volley. This gives more advantages to you in winning the game.
  • While Drinking, do not take your hand near the back, which causes a backswing. Most commonly, the players are seen taking their hands back and hitting the ball too hard. Because of this, there will be no Dink.
  • Keep in mind to push the ball and not to swing the ball. If you swing the ball, then the ball goes high and doesn’t reach the Non-volley zone.
  • Be stable and hit the ball with your whole hand and not just touch the ball by flicking the wrist.


Pickleball is a sport famous in America that has many techniques and shots. A Dink shot is one of the most common shots.

Where you can hit the ball to your opponent’s non-volley zone, this shot can slow down the game.

This makes your opponent move from their position and gives you a chance to score. Learning this shot is helpful while playing Pickleball.


What is a dink shot?

A shot where the players hit the ball from their non-volley zone to their opponent’s non-volley zone.

What is the main purpose of the dink shot?

The dink shots during the game can confuse your opponent, and as it is a slow shot, you can get a chance to attack your opponent.

What are the types of dink shots?

There are three types of dink shots in Pickleball. They are Cross-court dink, downline dink, and Front and top spin dinks.

Which grip is best to hit the dink shots?

The continental grip is suitable and versatile for hitting the dink shots because it can balance the speed.

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