What are the five rules of pickleball?

Learning a game is important when you learn them with all the rules. Like other sports, Pickleball also has rules that every player must remember to start playing.

You must learn and practice the five rules of Pickleball before starting the game. The rules are there in the article below, with detailed explanations.

Why is it important to learn the basic five rules of Pickleball?

Their rules must also be to learn Pickleball and every sport or game. Every game has a set of rules, like the five rules of Pickleball.

By learning the five rules, you can master the game and learn some techniques to help in the future. You can understand the opponent’s techniques and can easily play against them.

Once you learn the rules as a beginner, becoming a professional player with practice will be easy. You can create your good tricks and techniques while playing the game.

Without following the rules, you can win Pickleball and any other sport. Your game will be accepted once you follow the five rules.

Tips for learning Pickleball

Five rules of Pickleball:

Every beginner must learn the five rules of Pickleball to start and become a master in the game. they are,

Two-bounce rule
Rule 1: No volley in the No-volley zone or kitchen

The zone, seven feet from the net, is called a Kitchen or No-volley zone, a box with its boundaries. As the kitchen includes the line, you must only step on the line or kitchen zone after, after, or while playing the game. It can be considered as a fault if you volley from the kitchen.

No-volley zone
Rule 2: Must follow the two-bounce rule

Two bounce rule means the ball should bounce once on each side to start returning the ball. The return is acceptable only if the two-bounce is followed. Once the two-bounce is completed, you can hit the ball in the air or smash it as a shot. This is one of the rules from the five rules of Pickleball.

Rule 3: Serve from the baseline

The baseline is the backline of the court, and you must serve the ball to your opponent only from the baseline. You must serve the ball to the diagonally opposite player. Another unique game rule is that the ball can touch the net while serving until and unless it doesn’t touch the kitchen.

Rule 4: No serves in the no-volley zone

Not only standing in the kitchen but after serving, too, the ball should stay in the kitchen area. The service doesn’t count once the ball touches the kitchen or its line. You can stand in the kitchen while serving, as there is no rule against it.

Rule 5: The end game is at 11,15 and 21 points

The team scoring the first 11 points is declared the winner per the traditional rule. But the winner should win the game by 2 points, for example, the scores of 2 teams are 9 and 11. Then, the team with 11 is the winner. But if the scores are 10 and 11, then the game continues. The game can continue up to 15 and 21.

Here are some tips for learning Pickleball:

Some tips that every player can consider are learning the five rules of Pickleball and playing Pickleball. They are,

  • Learn one rule at a time and go to the next rule.
  • Always master the game by following all the rules.
  • Refrain from cheating or avoiding any rule while learning the game.
  • Learning all the rules to become a professional player would be best.
  • Always respect your opponent and learn from the opponent.


If you are a beginner or an intermediate player who only plays briefly, learn all the rules. There are some basic five rules of Pickleball in the article that you must learn.

Learning the rules, there are many advantages. You can master the game, help another beginner, create proper techniques, etc.


How many basic rules are there in Pickleball?

There are many basic rules to follow, but the five rules of Pickleball are very important.

Is it important to learn the five rules?

It is important to learn those five rules because you can play the game only if you learn them.

Can we win the game if the score difference is only 1 point?

No, to win the game, you must be in the lead with your opponent team with 2 points.

What is the other name of the no-volley zone?

The other name of the no-volley zone is ‘Kitchen.’

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