What are the dimensions of a Pickleball court?

As many people became interested in playing Pickleball, the players wanted to know all the details about the game, its rules, etc. The most common question is about the dimensions of the Pickleball court.

If you want to know the court’s dimensions, you can get the details about the game from this article below. This article also discusses measuring and marking the court to create your court for playing.

Terms to understand the dimensions of the Pickleball court:

Here are some important terms to install the Pickleball court.

Court's dimensions

You must know some terms beforehand to understand the dimensions of the Pickleball court. They make it easy, and they are,


The line back at the back of the court is called Baseline. The players have to serve the ball from the Baseline.


One of the nicknames of the Non-volley zone in the pickleball court is the Kitchen. This begins at the net and extends to 7 feet up to the Baseline.


The sidelines are the side boundaries of the court that are perpendicular to the net.

Service area:

The service areas are the areas that are on either side of the centreline. They are the two box-shaped areas with the boundaries of centrelines, baselines, sidelines, and Kitchen.


The centreline is the line in the center of the court, which divides the area into two parts.

Dimensions of a pickleball court

What are the dimensions of a Pickleball court?

As you see, a Pickleball court’s dimensions are double that of a Tennis court. The United States of America Pickleball Association says the court’s width is 20 feet and 44 feet long.

The court size is the same for both singles and doubles, as the players play on the same court. The rulebook says the minimum area is 30 feet wide and 60 feet long as we look at the size and dimensions of the Pickleball court.

We can fit four on a single Tennis court. The net for this game has to be 34 inches tall from the ground at the center and 36 inches at the posts.

How do you measure the dimensions of a Pickleball court?

While playing, marking the dimensions of a Pickleball court is not that difficult. You only need a measuring tape to get the exact measurements and ChalkChalk or tape to mark the exact measurements. You can measure the dimensions by following the below.

How to measure the dimensions of a Pickleball court
  • Take the measuring tape and measure the first sideline. Start the tape from the net perpendicular up to the 22-foot line. Take ChalkChalk or tape and mark the point.
  • Now, for the baseline mark from the 22-foot line b]from the sideline, it has to be 20 feet horizontal and parallel to the net. At 10 feet, the center marks the point.
  • Next, you must mark the second sideline starting at the same center, one foot away from the edge. Connect it from the 22-foot line from the Baseline.
  • It would help if you marked the Kitchen, i.e., non-volley zone 7 feet away from the net on each sideline. Connect those points and also mark a center point at 10 feet.
  • Connect the halfway points that we marked at 10 feet from the net. These boxes are the service boxes.

There is a choice that you can mark all those measurements permanently if you have permission. You can use the stencil to make these marks permanent.

Draw temporary lines of the Pickleball court:

Once you complete marking all the measuring points, you can temporarily draw the lines of the court, which are the same as the dimensions of a Pickleball court.

If you want to use tape, take a tape and stretch it on the baselines and other lines we measured. Gently press them on the ground until they stick on. You can use removable tape to remove it anytime.

The easiest way to draw temporary lines is by using ChalkChalk. Draw the lines as you measure the pints. You can easily erase them whenever you need them.


Pickleball became an amazing and fast-growing game in America. When the players are interested in the game, they also get many doubts about it.

The major concern is the dimensions of a Pickleball court. The dimensions are easily understandable, and you can create your court. All the decisions of the court are given in the article.


What are the dimensions of the court in feet?

The dimensions are 20′ feet by 44′.

What are the dimensions of the Pickleball court in meters?

The dimensions are 6.10m by 13.41m.

Is it easy to make a Pickleball court?

Yes, the dimensions are very easy to measure, and you can make the Pickleball court easily.

Is the tennis court dimensions the same as the Pickleball court?

No, the dimensions of the two courts are slightly different, as the Tennis court is double the size of the Pickleball court.

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