Pickleball tips for intermediate players

As a beginner-level player, you learn the basic rules of the sport, like serve, return, and volley. After getting adjusted to the game and its rules, to master the game, you need some tips. This article gives details and explains the Pickleball tips for intermediate players. By following those tips and tricks, you can master the game and gain chances to become an advanced and professional player.

Is it necessary to know the Pickleball tips for intermediate players?

Even though you learned all the basic rules as a beginner-level player, you still have a long way to go. Becoming an advanced player needs dedication and learning the game thoroughly. But to become an advanced-level player, you must pass the intermediate level of the sport.

The tips for intermediate players will help them master the game after learning the basic rules. You can become an advanced and professional player with constant practice and dedication.

Pickleball tips for intermediate players

Basic tips for intermediate players:

Some of the useful tips for intermediate players of Pickleball are,

Always warm up before the game:

A real sportsperson never fails to warm up before the game because it warms you physically and mentally. Warming up is necessary for the game and even during your practices. With a proper warm-up, you can easily play the game without any difficulties.

Serve and return the serve above the net:

A beginner-level pickleball player faces difficulty in serving and returning the serve above the net. They constantly smash the ball to the net and hit dead shots. An advanced player is rarely seen hitting the ball to the net, and it is a beginner-level mistake.

As an intermediate-level player, learn to hit the ball above the net. With this, the game can continue and doesn’t cause a disturbance in the game. An intermediate player has to learn where the ball needs to land. This mistake gives a chance to gain a point without even trying. This is one of the useful Pickleball tips for intermediate players.

Stay in a ready position:

Pickleball is unpredictable, as we can’t predict the ball’s direction. So, always be able to return the ball when it reaches you. With a light slack of concentration on the game, it gives a point to your opponent.

Keep your paddle in your hands even if the ball is not in your direction yet. If you are not prepared, reacting to the ball takes time.

Pay attention to the score:

While playing Pickleball, paying attention to the score is important because you can know the situation. Your score and know your opponent’s score so you can use some techniques to get the lead. Even though it is an elementary tip for intermediate players, it changes the player’s mindset while playing the game.

This gives them time to analyze the game and how well they must play it. As an intermediate player, this tip will be useful to master the game.

Learn backhand shots and master them:

Not only in Pickleball, but backhand shots are difficult in tennis and badminton. Learning the backhand shots and tips for intermediate players gives you more advantages to become unpredictable and increase accuracy. This also makes you a versatile player and confuses your opponent.

Be dynamic:

An intermediate player should always run here and there on the court with the direction of the ball. A static player needs more time to return the ball than a dynamic player.

Serve and return the serve deep:

Making the deep serve and returning the serve deep makes your opponent stay away from the net. This gives you the advantage of winning the game, as we can make your opponent move here and there.

If you serve the ball deep, then try to return the serve deep, too. The opponent player needs time to get to the kitchen, giving you the advantage of scoring points.

Focus on aiming the ball toward the opponent’s feet:

As you hit the ball toward your opponent’s feet, they move backward to return it. These Pickleball tips for intermediate players can make your opponent less likely to hit the ball. Do not constantly hit it towards the feet because they can guess your techniques.

Focus on weaker players in doubles:

In doubles, there is an advantage that you can focus your shots on the weaker player. Know their techniques and skills while playing and try to hit more shots toward the weaker player.

Maintain good teamwork:

When playing in doubles, having good coordination with your partner plays a major role in the score. If you are playing in a team, only sometimes focus on your and the team’s scores.

Go to practice with your partner to know their strengths and weaknesses, and you can work on them together. With great teamwork, you can win against your opponents easily.

Know where you are hitting the ball before hitting:

This tip is helpful not only for intermediate-level players but also for beginner and advanced-level players. Knowing the shot you are hitting is helpful at the intermediate level. Observing your opponent’s moves, you should also focus on where you hit the ball.

Common mistakes that intermediate-level players of Pickleball make:

Some of the most common mistakes that intermediate-level players make in Pickleball are given below. Following the article’s Pickleball tips for intermediate players can help overcome them.

  • I did not know about the opponent’s techniques and gameplay well.
  • You constantly return the dink shots to high instead of hitting them toward the net, making it an aggressive shot.
  • I am not using the techniques and tricks in between the games.
  • Refrain from maintaining good coordination with your partner in doubles, and constantly focus on your growth.


Learning a sport has three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. In Pickleball, the mid-level player has the basic idea of serve, return, volley, and other basic techniques. Once you complete the beginner level, to master the game, learn some techniques and tricks that can help you in the game. The Pickleball tips for intermediate players in this article will help them learn the game deeply.


Who are intermediate-level players in Pickleball?

The players who completed their beginner level by learning the basic rules and are comfortable with those can move to the intermediate level.

Are the tips for intermediate players helpful?

The tips for mid-level players are helpful because they can give you an idea of players’ most common mistakes and how to overcome them.

Are intermediate players and professional players the same? 

Intermediate players are the ones who mastered their beginner level. Still, professional players play in tournaments with 80% to 90% accuracy in their shots.

Is warm-up necessary before starting the game?

Warm-up before the game makes the players become mentally and physically prepared for the game.

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