Is PaddleBall The Same As Pickleball?

Pickleball is becoming more popular among Americans daily, and many wonder if Pickleball and Paddleball are similar.

They may have similar game rules and other similarities, but they are both different games. Get into this article to know their similarities and differences.

What is a Paddleball?

Paddleball is a sport different from Pickleball, with a longer history than Pickleball. This sport’s version is a variation of the sport Handball.

They began utilizing paddles to protect their hands. Previously, this sport was played without a net, but players learned that playing with a paddle is more enjoyable.

As there was no net, they used to play against the wall by standing side by side. The game goes as one player serves the ball by hitting the wall.

The other player returns the ball by hitting it back against the wall. This sports paddle has holes to reduce air friction compared to the Pickleball paddle.

They use a rubber tennis ball instead of Pickleball to play the sport, and there are two versions of the game. They are,

  • One-wall Paddle Ball
  • Four-wall Paddle Ball

One-wall Paddleball:

In one-wall Paddleball, 2-4 players can play, and they play against one wall. The court size has to be 34’X2O’, and the right side of the court has a service line. The short line is 16′, and the long line is 34′.

Differences between Pickleball and Paddleball

The game ends with scores of 15, 21, and 25 with a paddle and a rubber ball. Even though there is no net, this game can be played in singles and doubles.

Only the serving or playing team gets to score.

Four-wall Paddleball:

Four-wall paddle ball differs from the one-wall game, but singles or doubles play this game. The court size is 40’x20′, the front wall is 20′ long, and the wall is 12′ long.

The major difference between one-wall and four-wall is that the four-wall game has different zones. The first zone is 15′ extended from the front wall. After Zone 1, it is the service zone with 5′. Lastly, there is a receiver line with 20′.

Differences between Pickleball and Paddleball:

Even though Pickleball and Paddleball use a paddle to play the game, there are some differences in the gameplay. They are,


In Pickleball, the serving rules are quite strict, but in this sport, the serving rules are quite simple and not so strict.

They can serve however they want, and the opponent can return the ball as they wish.

Paddle texture:

According to the official rules, pickleball paddles must remain smooth and flat, yet this sport can be played with an unstructured paddle.

These paddles also have good grip and holes on the face of the paddles to avoid air friction.


The game ends in Pickleball with a score of 11, with only a 2-point difference. But in this game, the game ends at 15,21, and 25 for one-wall and 7-11 for four-wall.


Pickleball’s court is similar to a tennis court but different in dimensions. Whereas for this sport, there is no net played with the wall.


We often hear of Paddleball, which is constantly compared to Pickleball. There can be some similarities, but these two are different.

The paddles are different as the Pickleabll’s paddle is a flat and soft surface. But for this sport, the paddle has holes in the face.

There was no net earlier, and it played by hitting the walls. There are two versions, like one wall and four walls, where singles and doubles are possible.


What is Paddleball?

Paddle Ball is a sport that uses paddles with holes in its face and a rubber ball similar to a handball.

Is Pickleball the same as Paddleball? 

There can be similarities between these two sports, but they are completely different sports in terms of rules, equipment, court, etc.

Can players play Paddle Ball on a pickleball court?

No players cannot play this sport on a Pickleball court as this game doesn’t have any net, and Pickleball has a net.

Is Pickleball the same as Padel?

No, they are completely different sports.

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