Is A Pickleball same as a Tennis Ball?

Many players need clarification about the difference between a Pickleball and a Tennis ball, as they have similar rules. They have many differences, like material, dimensions, type, etc. This article can break the beginner’s thought that Pickleball is the same as Tennis. All the differences between them are mentioned in the article below.

Pickleball is the same as a tennis ball:

Even though Pickleball and Tennis have similar rules and gameplay, they have many differences. Yes, they have many differences, like their courts, game rules, rackets, balls, etc. Many beginner players think that Pickleball is the same as Tennis because of the similarities. But you can find many noticeable differences between both sports balls.

We know that Pickleball has many similarities with Tennis, badminton, and table tennis, but Pickleball is different. You cannot play Pickleball using tennis balls because of many rules. You can see the differences in the article below.

Is A Pickleball same as a Tennis Ball

Differences to show that Pickleball is not the same as Tennis ball:

Many young players say that Pickleball is the same as a Tennis ball, but below are the visible differences. They are,


Until 1986, Tennis was played using a white ball, but later it was changed to radium yellow. The ball’s outer surface is hard; inside, it is shallow with air. The tennis ball color is chosen between white and yellow because they are easy to spot on television.

But for Pickleball, there is no official color for a ball, and the players can choose any color of the ball. Most of the players choose colors that are easily visible on the court.

You can deny the claim that Pickleball is the same as a Tennis ball by the dimensions of both balls.


The tennis ball’s dimensions are between 2.57 and 2.7 inches, where the circumference is 8.0689 from the circumference formula.

The maximum dimension of tennis balls available in the market is about 8.47 inches when the radius is 1.35.

Most of the tennis ball dimensions that are available are 8.2739 inches.

Pickleball’s dimensions are between 2.78 and 3 inches, whereas the ball’s circumference is 8.0698 inches.

The maximum dimensions of Pickleball are around 9.42 inches when the radius is 1.50.

The average dimension that Pickleball is available in the market is 9.0746.


The yellow-colored tennis ball is constructed using a hollow rubber shell filled with air: the rubber material and the hollowness help for a good bounce during the game. The pressure is around 12 pounds per square meter in the ball.

Nylon or wool material is used to cover the rubber material, which makes it soft and adds additional flight characteristics. A tennis ball’s average bounce length is between 56 to 58 inches.

A Pickleball is made using a durable and smooth material that helps bounce. It has holes on it between 26 and 40 for extra bounce.

The ball’s material must be suitable and at least 40 to 45 inches. A good material can improve the flight capacity of the ball. These are some differences that deny the thought that Pickleball is the same as a tennis ball.

Other details:

Even though a Tennis ball is made of rubber and other quality material, it can last only four weeks. With the constant bouncing, some microholes can be formed on the ball surface, which causes air loss.

We know that even though Pickleballs are not made of durable material, they don’t last long. As there is no color rule, there is also no material rule, and pickleballs are made of many different materials.


As a beginner Pickleball player, you may think that Pickleball is the same as a Tennis ball. But it is not because these two balls’ materials, dimensions, and construction methods are completely different. Tennis balls are more durable and strong than Pickleball, which lasts four weeks. Get the differences between them from the article.


Is Pickleball the same as a tennis ball?

Many people think Pickleball is the same as a tennis ball because of the similar game rules, but the balls used are completely different.

What is the major difference you can find between tennis balls and Pickleball?

The major differences are their color rule, dimensions, construction methods, and other differences like bounce height, etc.

Can we play Pickleball using a tennis ball?

No, playing Pickleball using a tennis ball is impossible because of the bouncing height and the material used.

Is it necessary for a Pickleball to be in yellow?

There is no need or necessity for a pickleball to be in yellow because the pickleball associations didn’t declare any official color.

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