Is a Heavy or Light Pickleball Paddle Better for Tennis Elbow?

You might have heard about the tennis elbow if you are a sportsperson using a racket. This problem is seen in people who mostly use their hands, especially Pickleball players.

But the question is, does a heavy or lightweight paddle suitable for this problem? This article is a gateway for knowing about health conditions and suitable paddle weights.

What is a Tennis Elbow in Pickleball?

The tennis Elbow, also known as Lateral Epicondylitis, is a medical disease. This is frequent in players who use their hands excessively while playing.

Tennis elbow

As its name suggests, you can see this problem for tennis and Pickleball players. Players commonly get pain and tenderness in their elbow muscles.

This medical problem for Pickleball players can be treated medically. Still, you can also use a suitable paddle to prevent this solution, as Pickleball is a sport that requires arm and elbow movement, which leads to this health condition.

By using the right weighted paddle, you can prevent this problem, and the details are explained below.

Types of weights in Pickleball paddles:

When it comes to the pickleball paddles’ weight, there are three categories. they are,

  • Light-weighted paddle
  • Mid-weighted paddle
  • Heavily-weighted paddle

Three weighted paddles have different functions. The lightweight paddles are easy to carry and best for beginners.

Mid-weight paddles are suitable for intermediate players. Heavyweight paddles need power and are best when you want to hit powerfully.

Advantages of Lightweight paddles:

Lightweight paddles are most suitable for beginner players and for preventing the tennis elbow. Using this paddle, players can easily move the paddle to hit the shots and also swing it even with less power.

This paddle doesn’t strain the arm and elbow muscles much and prevents muscle accidents and sprains. Most beginners prefer lightweight paddles because this can make them learn movements easily.

Advantages of Heavyweight paddles:

Coming to the heavyweight pickleball paddles, they are heavily weighted and need force to move.

This paddle gives the players more stability and power control ability. The shot’s accuracy increases, and you will control the ball’s trajectory.

However, heavyweight paddles can increase the chance of tennis elbow strain as they can strain the elbow muscles.

Are light or heavyweight paddles suitable for Tennis elbow?

The common condition in those who play Pickleball using different paddles is tennis elbow. As many options are available for players, you can select your best-weighted paddle by testing it out.

There is no right paddle for anyone, but most players prefer Lightweight paddles to reduce the strain on their elbows.

Choosing the best paddles is subjective; you can choose any one that meets your requirements. It is a personal preference, and you can choose the best one by trying out different paddles in the market.

You can also check out the consequences of the paddles when you continuously use them.

How to choose the right paddle?

Paddles are the most important equipment for Pickleball, and choosing the right one is completely subjective.

You can choose whatever paddle is comfortable and is according to your preferences. But to choose the right paddle for tennis elbow, you have to choose the one that is less straining on the arms and elbows.

A lightweight paddle is easy to swing, and heavyweight paddles are more powerful and give good control. By trying out different paddles, you can choose the right one.

Another way you can choose is by listing all your requirements and checking whether the paddle meets them. You better choose a lightweight paddle if you have experienced elbow or arm problems.

Pickleball paddles for Tennis elbow:

Some Pickleball paddles will be preferable if you suffer from Tennis elbow. The following list gives you options, and you can choose according to your preference.

  • ProKennex Pro flight paddle
  • Head Radical Pro
  • Paddletek Tempest Wave 11
  • Joola Vsion CGS
  • Selkirk aMPED s2
  • ONIX composite Z5


You hear players who often overuse their arms for Pickleball suffer from Tennis elbows.

It is a condition where it causes pain in the elbows and arm muscles. You can treat this problem through medical conditions, but another alternative is choosing the right paddle.

Most of the players with this pain prefer lightweight paddles. But choosing paddles is always subjective.


What is Tennis elbow?

It is a health condition commonly seen in Pickleball that causes pain in the elbow muscles due to the overuse of the arm.

Can we prevent the pain in elbows with a paddle?

Pain in the Elbow cannot be treated by using the right paddle, but choosing the right paddle can prevent the cause of this problem.

What is the benefit of a lightweight paddle?

Lightweight paddles are often light in weight, are easy to move, and have control of the swing.

Does using a heavy paddle cause tennis elbow?

This can be one of the reasons why it often needs more power to hit the ball, but some players choose heavy paddles over lightweight paddles.

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