How To Play Skinny Singles Pickleball?

When you just started playing Pikcleball, you may have heard about singles and doubles. Pickleball is a paddle game that can be played in skinny singles and doubles. As these two have slightly different rules, you can read this article to learn how to play it.

How To Play Skinny Singles Pickleball

What are Skinny singles Pickleball?

Pickleball has two modes of game; they are singles and doubles. For singles, two players play 1vs 1, and for doubles, 2vs 2. Skinny singles Pickleball is a drill or game where players play different shots in half the court.

The game’s rules are similar: the serving team serves the ball and continues until it is at fault. The player is responsible for receiving every shot as there is no partner, like in doubles. This drill can help the player to get comfortable with the Pickleball sport, have a good time, and gives good practice to learn some techniques. This article helps you understand the rules and how to play this game.

How to play Skinny singles Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that requires a paddle and a partner to play. To learn how to play Skinny singles pickleball, follow the below steps. As we know, the players can only serve and receive the ball only to the half of the court.


Choose one side of the court with your opponent with a score of 0-0, where the ball serve starts from the right-hand court. But the opponent player is diagonal to you.


The serve starts from the right side court, and once the double bounce is complete, the opponent returns the serve. The opponent player has to serve the ball from the left side court. The shifting from left to right between the players continues throughout the game. All the basic rules of Pickleball must be followed here.


A player can score points only by serving in Pickleball, and the game starts 0-0. Once the serve starts, you can earn the point when the opponent fails to return or receive the ball.

One player can score points even when the opponent is at fault.


As the rule of Pikcleball, if the player scores a point, the serve must be from the left side court.

Benefits of Skinny Singles Pickleball:

There are some benefits that players get from Skinny Singles Pickleball; they are,

  • This technique can help to increase the shot’s accuracy.
  • The game becomes more challenging, which can improve the player’s performance.
  • You can get enough practice to learn new techniques.
  • With constant practice, the players improve their performance in Pickleball.
  • Beginners can get enough familiarity with the sport.

Difference between singles and doubles:

There are many differences between skinny singles and doubles in Pickleball. Even in this technique, a player must follow all the basic rules of Pickleball. The differences are,

Single is a match between two players where they play one against 1. In doubles, four players play in teams with two on each side.

One player can serve the ball, but for doubles, both players can serve the ball consecutively.

The score is shown only using two numbers, whereas, for doubles, the score is shown in three numbers, where the third number represents a player on the team.

Some techniques and variations of skinny singles Pickleball:

Some of the techniques are variations that you can see in the skinny singles Pickleball is,

ATP shots:

ATP shots mean Around the Post shots, where the ball travels around the net in the center without going over the net. This shot is completely legal and is one of the skills to win against the opponent.

Down the line:

Commonly in Pickleball, they change the side once the team scores a point. But for the Down-the-line technique, the players face each other when the scores are even.

Instead of diagonal shots, the players serve and return the ball facing each other.

Down-the-line and traditional cross-court combination:

Players can continue to play the sport by mixing down-the-line and traditional cross-court techniques.

They continue to play the traditional cross and then play facing each other. This technique can help the players to score points.

Tips to play Skinny Singles Pickleball:

Some of the useful tips for playing skinny singles Pickleball are,

  • It would be best if you reacted to the ball quickly and early toward the net.
  • Serve the ball with enough strength and use the same strength to return the serve to your opponents.
  • One of the useful ways to score and confuse your opponent is by hitting the ball where the opponent is not.
  • Knowing the opponent’s weakness can become your strength to win the game.
  • Try to return the ball from the center of the court.


Pickleball is a sport that has many techniques and drills that can improve the player’s performance. Players play in singles and doubles, where skinny singles are similar to the singles in Pickleball. But, this is played only in the half of the court. You can play some steps using this drill, which also helps improve the player’s performance. One useful thing is that you can get enough practice for tournaments and learn new techniques.


What is Skinny singles Pickleball?

Skinny Singles in Pikcleball is similar to singles, where the players play the sport one on 1 in half of the court.

Is this drill or game useful?

This technique is useful for the players, giving them enough time to practice and learn new techniques.

What is the size of the court for this game?

The average size of the court for this game is 10′ by 22′.

Are singles and doubles have the same rules?

The basic rules are similar, but it has some differences in no-of players, the side for the serve, etc.

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