How to play a Pickleball game for beginners?

Are you trying to learn Pickleball, the fastest-growing game in the US? Then you choose the right place. Learning this game is easy and fun as the rules are basic and easy to understand. In this article, you read about a Pickleball game for beginners.

And you can easily master the game even as a beginner with practice. This article details the rules that can help if you are a beginner/rookie or a seasoned player.

What is a Pickleball?

Pickleball is a sport that has become an interesting game and has recently increased in popularity in America. Nearly 4.8 million people joined this sport, increasing its growth to 39.9% in the last two years.

Pickleball game for beginners

Three neighbors, Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCullum, came up with this idea in 1963 in Bainbridge Island, Washington. They started using old ping-pong paddles and a ball in a tennis court to keep them busy.

Later, this game became a healthy sport, and because of the pandemic, many people started liking this game. This game has rules that are easy to follow and slowly becomes an adult game.

Not only because it is easy, but this game is also a great workout without feeling like working out.

What equipment do you need for Pickleball?

Pickleball is one game that needs only a few pieces of equipment. Firstly, players need a flat pickle paddle to hit the ball. McCullum created the original version of this paddle, and later, many designs came onto the market. But the paddle length should be at most 17 inches per the rules.

What is a Pickleball

The game needs a plastic and perforated ball with at least 26 to 40 holes, which looks like a Wiffle ball. This ball is easy to play and can reach long distances. The ball’s diameter should be between 2.87 to 2.97 inches.

A 3-foot-long net is necessary to place in the center with a height of 34 inches. This game resembles Ping-Pong and tennis, where singles and doubles are available.

Basic rules to play Pickleball game for beginners:

Every game has a set of rules to play, and Pickleball also has a set of rules that every player has to know before playing. As a Pickleball game, beginners must follow the rules.

What is the equipment needed for Pickleball
Rule 1: Players can play in singles or doubles

Four players can play the game on the court. It can be singles or doubles. If doubled, two teams play against each other; for two players, it is one against one.

According to US sports records, doubles is commonly played more than singles. Playing doubles is preferred because a beginner can learn the game with ease.

Having a partner in the game creates more fun and can share the game experience.

Rule 2: Point begins with a serve

In Pickleball, each point starts with the service, and the player on the right side should serve the ball to the opponent on their diagonal. A player can receive the point only through serving but not receiving it.

The game starts once the player on the right serves the ball to the opponent, and if they shit the ball, it changes to the player on the left. It continued through the entire game. The serving sequence stops if the service is at fault.

Rule 3: The players serve must be underhand

While serving, the player has to serve by underhand only with the hand holding the waist. Move the arm in the arc to hit the ball in the air. You can hit the Pickleball out of the air or after hitting once on the ground.

Unlike tennis, the main goal is keeping the ball in play rather than hitting it hard.

Rule 4: Point counts till the service is at fault

Once the ball has served, the gameplay continues, and it stops if there is a service fault and stops the points.

There are three types of faults:

  • If the ball does not cross the kitchen
  • The point ends if the ball is hit out of bounds.
  • It ends if the ball hits the net.
Rule 5: No volley in the kitchen

A non-volley zone or kitchen is the 7 feet area on each side. This zone is considered a non-volley zone in a pickleball game, and the point doesn’t count if the player hits the ball from the kitchen or stands on the kitchen line. The Pickleball game for beginners must know the rules.

This rule is to avoid the players near the net hitting the ball strongly and smashing it, which counts as a score. This rule is to create fair play and reduce the advantages of the serve.

Rule 6: Groundtsrokes in the Kitchen are accepted

A Ground shot in the kitchen is called an s dink when the opponent player hits a short shot that lands in the kitchen. Then, you can save the shot by entering the kitchen and hitting it.

Rule 7: Players can volley only if the ball bounces on both sides

The volley can start only if the ball bounces on each side at least once. Once the service starts, it should bounce on the server side and again once in the opponent zone. Once two bounce over, the volley starts.

If you start volleying before it bounces, that is a fault.

Rule 8: Both partners in a team serve in turns

Both the partners in a team for doubles get a chance to serve with each turn. The scoring in the pickle game is by using three numbers as zero-zero-one.

The third number in the score is announced when the score is tied, and the next service starts, and it is added to the score.

For, If the score is 3-3 and for the next severe, the score is announced as 3-3-1, and if you lose the point, your partner gets the chance to serve the ball. Now it becomes 3-3-2. Your partner also loses points the ball is given to your opponent. They start the game with a score of 3-3-1.

Rule 9: Teams who score 11 first wins

A team can win in this game by scoring the first 11 points but with 2 points ahead. If the match ties at 10-10, then if you score a point and get 11-10, you cannot win the game. You can only win it if you score another point and the score is 12-10.

Tips for beginner players of Pickleball:

If you are a beginner in Pickleball, the following tips can be helpful. they are,

USA Game
  • Always warm up before the game because it can prevent injuries and help in improving performance.
  • Serve the ball, and don’t hit the ball too hard.
  • Keep the paddle near your chest for a Pickleball, which can increase the serve speed.
  • Always focus while playing this game rather than be powerful.
  • Know the basics of the game beforehand to play the game.

Verdict to Pickleball Game for Beginners

In America, Pickleball has become a fun and exciting game nowadays because of its easy gameplay. Even though three neighbors created this game to kill their boredom, it became popular because of the coving pandemic.

During the pandemic, many people started playing this game to improve their health, as it is one of the physical workouts. But a beginner needs to know the rules to start playing the game. This article helps you learn the basic rules important for Pickleball games for beginners.


Can doubles play Pickleball?

Yes, it is a well-known game in the USA.

Is it easy to learn this game?

The rules are basic and can be followed easily. A rookie player can also play the game by following the basic rules.

Do we need physical strength to play this game?

There is no need for lots of physical strength to play. A basic warmup can be helpful to play, and it can also become a physical workout.

Does a point count if the ball goes out of bounds?

The serve is considered a fault if the ball goes out of bounds according to the game’s rules.

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