How To Paint Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court?

Pickleball has many similarities with Tennis, Badminton, and Table tennis, and it is a relatively new sport. Because of this, few courts are available for players to play. Most players change the tennis court into a Pickleball court to practice this sport or to play for fun. The easiest way is to paint pickleball lines on the tennis court, and the process is given in this article.

Can we paint Pickleball lines on a Tennis court?

Yes, we can paint Pickleball lines on a tennis court to convert it into a Pickleball court. The tennis court is more prominent in size than other courts, and you can quickly restore it to a Pickleball court by painting the lines accordingly.

paint pickleball lines on tennis court

You must know its dimensions and requirements to draw the lines on the tennis court. After preparing everything, you can remove the bars by measuring the court’s dimensions.

Things to consider to paint Pickleball lines on a Tennis court?

There are a few things that you consider to paint Pickleball lines on a Tennis court, and they are,


You must check the weather when drawing the lines using the paint on the tennis court. You can remove the lines once the temperature is alright, i.e., sunny without clouds. If it is cloudy or raining, it disturbs the process of painting.

Checking the lines:

When drawing the lines, the lines on the court have to be solid and straight. Measure the dimensions correctly and use tape to mark the lines straight. You can only play the game if the lines are drawn with the correct measurements.

Use proper tools:

Gather all the valuable tools and equipment when painting the lines on a tennis court. If you start the process without the tools, then it may not give you the exact results,

Draw lines for two courts:

Drawing the lines of two Pickleball courts will be helpful for you to play at two different times.

As you have two courts, you can use one in the morning and another one in the evening. You can give it to other people who show interest in Pickleball.

Check the surface of the court:

The tennis court’s surface has to be suitable to convert it into a Pickleball court. A clay surface will be difficult to draw the lines, so I prefer a pro-cushioned or concrete surface.

Tools required to paint Pickleball lines:

There are some tools needed to paint Pickleball lines on a Tennis court. They are,

  • Laser or chalk to trace lines
  • Masking tape
  • Stipe rite line primer
  • Line taping machine
  • Acrylic emulsion paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Portable pickleball net

How to paint Pickleball lines on a Tennis court?

Follow the below steps to paint Pickleball lines on a tennis court. A clear explanation will help you to be cautious and paint the pipes.


The first thing to do before painting the lines on a tennis court is to prepare the court’s surface. After playing, it may have dust, leaves, debris, and other materials. Clean the surface neatly so you can start the process.

The critical thing about pavement is that you must check the cracks and pores on the pavement’s surface. These holes and cracks can create patches that disturb the gameplay.


After checking and cleaning the court’s surface, measure the court size. We know that the Tennis court is more extensive than the Pickleball court, so measure where you want to draw the lines.

The pickleball dimensions are 20 feet by 44 feet, but it is always better to leave some extra space to leave room for the players; after measuring, mark the points for further steps.


You may often use an old tennis court to draw pickleball lines. So apply the resurfacer on the old surface to create a pickleball court. The most common resurfaces are acrylic and concrete.

Coat the surface with any resurfacer but choose according to the requirements. Concrete is the more rigid material with a high chance of accidents and muscle pains.

Acrylic is softer and more comfortable for players to play on the court. But because of the soft material, it needs proper maintenance and care.


After coating the surface with a resurfaces next step is to paint the acrylic paint on the surface. The resurfacer is to maintain the texture and, after that, paint the entire court area.

According to t the official pickleball rules, the court must be blue or green. So take the paint, pour it on the surface, and roll it using a roller. But make sure the paint is always wet because this can create patches that disturb the texture.


After painting the court in either blue or green, the next step is to measure the pickleball court according to the dimensions. To calculate the play area lines, start from the center of the court.

Place a portable net in the middle and measure the net’s dimensions to draw the lines. Mark all the points using tape or chalk to join them by removing the strings.


The final step is to paint the Pickleball lines on a tennis court by joining all the marking points. But there are two steps for painting the lines.

First, apply the line primer between the tape points to fill the gaps and voids.

Nest takes the white acrylic paint and draws the lines on the court to create a perfect Pickleball court.

How much does it cost to paint lines of Pickleball on a tennis court?

Constructing a Pickleball court is quite expensive if you do not have a space because you have to purchase land for the court. But painting lines is a way to convert an old tennis court.

But there are few steps to paint Pickleball lines on a tennis court and tools required. A beginner player needs help to paint all the lines so that you can consult a professional.

Based on the requirements and factors, it costs between $250 to $600. To reduce the price, paint lines for a smaller court because a larger court needs more paint, increasing costs.

Tips to paint Pickleball lines on a tennis court:

Some of the information that you can follow to paint pickleball lines on a tennis court is,

  • Use high-quality paint and materials because they can easily damage after many weather changes.
  • Take a measuring tape so you can measure the dimensions correctly.
  • Wear safety gear like a mask and gloves before painting because it can trigger any allergy.
  • Remove the dust on the surface before painting the lines.


As this sport is new, one of the easiest ways to create a Pickleball court is by drawing lines on a Tennis court. You can paint Pickleball lines on a tennis court to play the game by measuring all the dimensions.

Most players prefer to create a court to reduce the expenses of renting a court or going to the court at a longer distance. This article has the requirements and steps that will help paint the lines.


Can we paint pickleball lines on a tennis court? 

Yes, the easiest way to convert a tennis court into a pickleball court is by painting the lines on the surface.

What are the tools needed for painting the lines on a tennis court?

We need a brush, acrylic paints, chalk, a line taping machine, a stipe rite line primer, a portable net, etc.

Can we paint the lines of a Pickleball court on our own?

Yes, this is a DIY, so quickly draw the Pickleball court lines by following the precautions. But if you need more time, you can even consult a professional.

How much does it cost to paint the Pickleball lines?

It costs between $200 to $600 to draw the pickleball lines.

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