How To Keep Your Eyes On The Ball In Pickleball?

Many beginner players’ primary concern is keeping their eyes on the ball in pickleball because it is fast-paced. This is a sport with techniques and strategies that players use against opponents to score points.

Keeping eyes on the hop is professional, as the players must be attentive and able to return the ball. Some players miss hitting the ball, so you can read this article to know more about this.

Importance of keeping eyes on the ball in pickleball:

Every strategy has significance in sports like pickleball, badminton, and table tennis. In some situations, you miss hitting the ball that your opponent shot with spin.

This is because you should have watched the ball in pickleball. Keeping eyes on the Pickleball ball means paying attention to only some of what is coming towards you.

eyes on the ball in pickleball

If you ignore the ball, there is a high chance that you will miss to return the ball. In the middle of the game, you might be busy concentrating on the paddle, non-volley zone, which leads to losing attention to the ball. To return the ball with the shot you are expecting, pay keen attention to the ball.

How to keep your eyes on the ball in pickleball?

You might struggle to keep your eyes on the ball in pickleball, and the following steps can help you overcome them. They are,

Use a target:

Put a target somewhere or something for yourself on the court before hitting the ball. If you use some mark, you can hit the ball quickly by concentrating on the ball and the direction where you want to hit the ball.

Keep all your attention on the target before hitting the ball so you can take advantage of every chance of returning the ball to your opponent.

Use a hat or cap:

With the heavy sun glare, you might miss the chance to hit the ball at the right time. You may not know the tip if you are a beginner, so wear a hat or cap that can cover your eyes while playing the game.

As you wear the hat while playing, you can avoid distractions and concentrate in one direction.

Focus on the holes of the ball:

One helpful tip to keep an eye on the ball is to focus on the holes of the ball. In sports, you must concentrate on multiple factors and be attentive.

So while focusing on your paddle or net, keep an eye on the ball’s holes so you can catch the track while playing.

As you solely focus on the holes, you cannot get distracted by any noise or disturbance opponents cause. This is the best way to keep your eyes on the ball in pickleball.

Does lighting affect the vision of Pickleball players?

The common problem the players face while playing outdoors is the direct sun glare to the eyes.

Another one is the lighting during the nighttime in indoor and outdoor games. Poor lighting can affect the performance of the players. If the light is too dim or bright, they cannot watch the ball in pickleball.

While playing, you must check the lighting of the court so it doesn’t cause any disturbances, and you can keep your eyes on the ball in pickleball. You can also notice the difference in the performance after setting up the light properly.

Tips to keep eyes on the ball in pickleball:

Some of the valuable information for players to keep an eye on the ball in pickleball are,

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food so you can maintain your eye health.
  • Use rhythmic breathing techniques so you do not lose focus on the ball.
  • Learn to improve hand-eye coordination so you can react to the ball with your hand after you notice the ball’s direction.
  • Do eye exercises to maintain your eye health.


If you are a beginner or new player, you might have heard many players lose in-game as they must keep their eyes on the ball in pickleball. If you focus on the ball, you will be able to hit the ball.

You can focus on the ball using a target, wearing a hat, or focusing on the holes. This way, you can easily find the direction of the ball and hit the ball quickly.


What is keeping eyes on the ball in pickleball?

Most professional players suggest watching the ball in pickleball not to miss and hit it.

What can we do to keep an eye on the ball in pickleball?

You can use a target, focus on the holes in the ball, and wear a hat to keep your eyes on the ball.

Can we focus on the ball’s spin if you do not focus on the ball?

You may miss the chance to see the ball’s spin if you focus on the ball.

How does keeping a target helps to hit the ball?

Once you keep a target, something, or somewhere on the court, you ultimately try to hit the ball in that direction, reducing the chance of missing the ball.

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