How To Clean PickleBall Paddles?

Are you a Pickleball player and have the equipment like the Paddle, ball, bag, etc. Then, it is important to keep your equipment clean to last longer. This article details why it is important and how to clean Pickleball paddles. Go through the article to know more details.

Reasons to clean Pickleball paddles:

A common beginner question about the paddles is why everyone should have to clean Pickleball paddles. Most of them forget it is one way to maintain hygiene. But there is also a technical reason to keep the paddles clean.

How to make Pickleball paddles last longer

A Pickleball paddle’s surface uses different materials, but every Paddle has a textured surface. The Carbon fiber paddles have a carbon surface, which requires lots of maintenance and cleaning. 

As you continue to play without cleaning the Paddle regularly, the textured surface will be filled with dust and dirt. As the texture changes and becomes smooth, it affects the player’s performance.

This makes it harder to spin, and there is a high chance the Paddle can wear faster. Then, you must regularly replace your old Paddle with a new one. So, it is important to maintain your equipment cleanly.

Regular cleaning of the paddles can prevent any damage, along with removing dust and debris. 

Tools and materials required to clean Pickleball paddles:

Before you clean Pickleball paddles, you must ensure you have all the required tools and materials. The following list is the important materials needed when cleaning your equipment.

  • A gentle dishwasher
  • A clean, lint-free cloth
  • Water
  • A sponge
  • Toothbrush with gentle Bristles
  • Towel
  • Rubbing (Optional)

Types of cleaners:

Various types of materials are available to clean Pickleball paddles. But choosing the right cleaner only does the work right. Three types of cleaners clean the Paddle neatly: Household cleansers, glass cleaners, and Paddle erasers.’ 

Household cleaners: 

Some of the available cleansers in the household are dishwashing liquid, which is gentle to use on the Paddle. It removes all the dirt on the surface and makes the Paddle clean. Just taking some on a damp cloth and rubbing it on the surface can make changes.

Glass cleaners:

Glass cleaners are mainly suitable for removing any fingerprints or other smudges. You can use it by spraying some on the surface and cleaning it with a clean cloth. Another advantage of this cleaner is that it removes the stains and residue on the surface.

Pickleball paddles cleanser:

This cleanser is designed to clean the paddles, surface, and sides. Compared to other cleansers, these are gentle and can remove dirt neatly. Regular cleaning with this cleaner can improve the quality of the Paddle, which also affects a player’s performance. 

Just by taking some on a damp cloth, you can rub it gently on the surface of the Paddle, removing everything on the sides and surface of the Paddle. 

How to clean Pickleball paddles?

Follow the below steps to clean Pickleball paddles to make them last longer without getting any damage. they are,

Clean the surface:

If you do not keep the Paddle clean, the first thing that gets affected is the surface of the Paddle. The texture of the surface changes because of the dust and dirt, which makes it difficult for players.

So, use a liquid dishwasher or glass washer to remove the dirt on the surface. Then, wipe everything using a clean cloth.

While using the cloth, please do not rub it aggressively but gently wipe everything. You can use a soft terry towel to remove the surface’s excessive water.

To avoid the stickiness after cleaning, use a light dishwasher or glass cleaner. The stickiness due to the liquid can attract more dirt on the surface. You can also use warm water to remove the excessive dirt. 

Clean the grip:

The paddles’ grip becomes dirtier than the surface because of the sweat. So, grips get damaged first after using it longer. Pickleball paddle grips mostly come with ergonomic and high-absorption grips.

You can use a wet and warm cloth to clean the grip because there is no need for a dishwasher. Because of the dishwasher or glass washer, the grip can become slippery.

Cleaning carbon fiber surface:

Cleaning the carbon fiber surface of the dirty Paddle is tricky compared to the normal surface of the Paddle.

This is because they are made of delicate materials. You must tape or cover the edge of the Paddle. Only use a gentle cleanser to clean it, and gently remove the most using a clean cloth. The Paddle can lose shape if you clean it with pressure or hard.

Step-by-step process to clean Pickleball paddles:

The following steps will help you to clean Pickleball paddles, step-by-step, without missing any part.

Gather required materials:

You must gather all the required materials and tools for cleaning, like the cleaner, cloth, sponge, toothbrush, paddle eraser, etc. Removing the dirt improves the ball control and also the gameplay. 

Remove the Paddle’s grip:

The first thing to do is to remove the Pickleball paddle grip from the handle, which gives you access to the surface of the Paddle. By removing the grip, you can clean the Paddle easily.

Wipe the dust:

Now, take a sponge or a clean, damp cloth to remove the dust on the Paddle first. You have to use a damp cloth or sponge and avoid excessive water. You can use warm water so that it can clean all the dust. 

Use dishwasher:

Take a drop of dishwashing on the sponge and gently rub the surface of the Paddle. You must not apply pressure when cleaning, so gently dab it to clean it.

Clean the edges:

Now, take the brush with gentle bristles and gently rub to remove the dust on the edges and sides. Instead of putting the Paddle in the water, you can pour water on the Paddle slowly. 

Rinse and dry the Paddle:

After removing the soap lather and dirt, use another damp cloth or sponge and gently rub it. Take a dry towel or cloth to remove and clean the moisture.

Use a rubbing alcohol(optional):

Using rubbing alcohol is completely optional and is used for deep cleaning. Instead of water, you can use alcohol to remove the dirt on the Paddle.

Attach the grip back:

After the paddle surface and sides are dry, reattach the grip to the handle. 

How to make Pickleball paddles last longer:

Even though you must clean Pickleball paddles regularly, you can do the following to make them last longer. Proper Paddle maintenance plays a major role in improving the life span of any paddle.

Clean it regularly:

First, you must clean your Paddle by cleaning it regularly. Remember to clean the Paddle only using a clean cloth and gentle cleanser.

Store it properly:

Store the paddles in a dry and clean place to prevent damage to them. As the pickleball paddles are delicate, do not store them near sharp objects.

Use it properly:

You must use the Paddle properly when playing because you can break the Paddle if you hit the ball hard. Better keep your Paddle away from your opponent’s Paddle.

Keep away from elements:

One of the ways you can make your Paddle last longer is by storing the paddles away from hot temperatures, cold weather, and water. All these elements can damage the quality of the Paddle and reduce the life span.

Hang the Paddle:

You can hang your Paddle to a hook or nail in your storage room to avoid moisture. By hanging it up, you can avoid bumping and striking the Paddle.

Tips to maintain Pickleball paddles:

As you clean Pickleball paddles for hygiene and cleanliness, follow the following tips for Paddle maintenance. They are,

  • Keep the Paddle in its bag and store it in a safer place instead of throwing it around.
  • If you find the Paddle’s grip is damaged, replace it with another one to avoid other damage.
  • Store the Paddle on the ground in a safe place away from the way to avoid stomping.
  • You can also hand it on the wall to a hook to prevent bumping.
  • Store the Paddle in its bag in a dry and clean area, and do not put it in water.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on the Paddle, and cover the Paddle with a paddle cover. 
  • Placing the Paddle in extreme temperatures can change the shape of some paddles and can damage the honeycomb core. 


Maintaining and caring for the equipment in Pickleball is important because they are expensive and made of high-quality material. You have to clean Pickleball paddles regularly to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

Store the paddles in a clean and dry area to make them last longer. By taking care of your Pickleball equipment, you can use them longer.


Is it important to clean the Pickleball equipment? 

It is important to clean the Pickleball equipment to maintain hygiene and cleanliness to increase their lifespan.

How to clean the Pickleball paddles? 

Use a gentle dishwasher or glass cleaner to clean the surface of the paddles, and clean the grip with a clean cloth.

Where should we store the Pickleball paddles?

Staying the paddles in a dry and clean place would be best to last longer without damage.

What can we do to avoid stomping and bumping of the Paddle?

Hang the Paddle to any hook or nail away from the ground to avoid stomping and bumping it around.

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