How to choose a perfect Pickleball Paddle?

For playing the Pickleball game, choosing your perfect Pickleball Paddle plays a major role in the gameplay. Choosing one paddle from various options available in the market becomes overwhelming.

This article gives you a guide about the important factors to consider, like weight, size, materials, etc., before getting one. It is always important to get the perfect tool because it affects the gameplay, so consider all the factors for getting your paddle.

Why is it necessary to get a perfect Pickleball paddle?

Every Pickler says getting the perfect Pickleball Paddle is important for many reasons. It gives control to the player to play the game perfectly. A perfect paddle can increase the accuracy of the shot. A Pickler can give a powerful serve and defense.


If you get a low-quality paddle, it reduces the accuracy and decreases game quality and power.

To avoid confusion for players who are planning to buy the paddle, we gave a perfect guide regarding the paddle.

Important factors for getting a perfect Pickleball Paddle:

There are a few factors that every Pickler should consider while buying a pickleball paddle. They are,

  • Weight
  • Material
  • Grip
  • Shape
  • Price
Weight of the Paddle:

The typical weight you find in the paddles is between 7 to 9.5 ounces. The weight of the paddles is divided into three types. They are,

Light-weight paddles: The light-weight paddles are suitable for beginner players starting the game. The weight is between 7 to 7.5 ounces.

Mid-weight paddles: The mid-weight paddles are best for beginners and intermediate players. As the level of the gameplay increases, you can slightly increase the weight of the paddles. The weight is between 7.5 to 8.5 ounces.

Heavyweight paddles: If you mastered the game and became a professional player, the heavyweight paddle is the best. Paddles weight whose weight is above 8.5 ounces comes into heavyweight paddles.

Choosing the perfect weighted paddles can give players more swings and improve their reaction time. It is challenging to get the perfect size, and you can choose your paddle by trying different-sized paddles.

Size of the paddle:

According to the Pickleball rule book, the typical paddle’s length is 16 inches and 8 inches wide. The combined size is 24 inches, which should be at most that size. They are categorized into three categories.

Small-sized paddles: The paddles that are 14 inches long and 7 inches wide come under the small-sized paddles. This is the beginner size and suitable for small hands. It increases the precision and gives great control of the gameplay. Holding this paddle, the payers can move their wrists easily.

Medium-sized paddles: The medium paddles are 16-17 inches long and 8 inches wide. Which gives a good balance and power while playing. It is best for someone who has average-sized hands.

Large-sized paddles: the paddles with a length above 17 inches and a width of 9 inches come under the large-sized paddles. The power while using these paddles is high and gives a great reach.

There are some factors while selecting the right sizes of a Pickleball Paddle. They are,

  • Hand size of the players
  • Height of the players
  • Playing style
The shape of the paddles:

Some of the shapes that the Pickleball paddles are available are,

Round shape: The round-shaped Pickleball paddle has a round edge and circular shape. As it is round, it is simple to play and control. The accuracy is also high for this paddle.

Round-shaped Pickleball paddle

Oval shape: The oval shape paddles have oval edges and slightly elongated shapes. The finesse and power are great for these shaped paddles.

Oval shape

Teardrop shapes: These shaped paddles are unique because most people do not prefer this shape. The edge is teardrop and has a longer shape. Playing with this paddle can hit the ball hard and increase the reach.

Teardrop paddle shape

The grip of the Pickleball paddle plays a major role while playing the game. If the grip is longer, then the power and spin of the paddle are high.

The average grip in inches is combined with the circumference of the handle, and the grip size has to be 24 inches.

Outdoor Game

The handle size has to be between 4.5 inches and 6 inches, and if the grip size is increased, then the paddle face is decreased.

Once the paddle face is smaller, there is a high chance of an error. For some backhand players, the grip can be longer, up to 5.25 inches.

The shape of grips are available in round and flared shapes. The size is different as per the player’s preference. If you want a good grip, round ones are perfect, and the flared grip helps the weight distribution easily.

As we know, paddle grips are available in different materials like rubber, cork, and synthetic. Rubber grip paddles are more durable and give a great grip while playing.

The cork ones are comfortable to use and absorb more shock. If the players are allergic to rubber and cork, they can choose a synthetic grip.


The price of a Pickleball paddle plays a major role because the first thing we see is the price tag. So there are three ranges of prices for the paddles.

Budget paddles: If you are a new player and want to practice more often, getting a budget paddle is best. The average price of these paddles is $50 or below. These are perfect paddles for beginners as they are light in weight.

Mid-range: Once the price is high, the quality of the paddles ultimately increases. These give a great performance and are also durable. The price range is between $50 to $100.

High-range: High-range paddles are for serious players and professionals. If you consider the game seriously or at a pro level, you can invest in these high-range paddles. The quality of the material and grip is great, and the price is above $100.

Tips for choosing a perfect Pickleball paddle:

Some tips that are important to consider while purchasing a Pickleball paddle are,

  • The hand size of the players is important because choosing the perfect paddle for the hand size improves performance. Measure the hand size and try various size paddles before purchasing.
  • The paddle’s grip affects the game because different material paddles perform differently.
  • Always start with a beginner-friendly paddle because they are light in weight and perfectly designed for beginner players.
  • Always try different kinds of paddles in the store before purchasing.
  • The game style is also important while getting the paddle.


We know that the Pickleball game is one of the fastest-rising games in America. The player’s major problem while starting the game is getting a perfect Pickleball paddle. However, there are many factors that players should consider while purchasing the perfect paddle.

The paddle’s weight, size, grip, material type, and price play a major role in getting the paddles. There are perfect paddles for beginners, an affordable budget, materials, etc. Pro players can get high-quality paddles for gameplay.


What is the average weight of the Pickleball paddle?

The average weight is between 7 to 8.5 ounces, divided into light-weight, midweight, and heavyweight categories.

How much can we spend on getting a perfect paddle?

The typical paddles are available for $50 to $200. High-range paddles are perfect for professional players.

How long does a paddle last?

The life of the paddle depends on the care you take for the paddle. Normal paddles can last for many years with proper care.

How many types of grips are available?

The materials of the grip are in three types. They are rubber, cork, and synthetic materials; if the player is allergic to them, they can try synthetic grips.

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