How many pickleball courts fit in a Tennis court?

Pickleball is a game combined with bits of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Have you ever considered how many Pickleball courts can fit in a Tennis court? As this game has risen in popularity since the lockdown, many players have been interested in it.

Pickleball is a rising game that can be played indoors and outdoors, similar to tennis. The article below gives you many details regarding the courts with all the related information.

How many Pickleball courts can fit in a tennis court?

There is no exact count on how many Pickleball courts fit in a tennis court because this depends on the size of the court. But four courts can fit within the margin for an average-sized tennis court.

The average courts are 60 feet wide, which can fit at least four courts. But if any of them are less than 60 feet, only three courts can fit in the tennis court. You can install two courts if the size doesn’t fit three.


This article has comparisons of the tennis and other courts. You can also get additional information about two, three, and four courts and their conversions. The following are the no.of courts that can fit in the Tennis court you can choose from.

One Pickleball court:

You can make a One Pickleball court from a Tennis court by drawing the baselines and other boundaries on the tennis court. Lower down the net for a few inches so that it suits Pickleball.

You can play tennis and Pickleball on the same court with only minor changes and adjustments.

Two pickleball courts:

The easiest way to make the two pickleball courts in a tennis court is by making two courts on either side of the Tennis net. As the net already splits the court, you can adjust the court to play Pickleball and tennis.

How many Pickleball courts can fit in a tennis court

The tennis court net acts as the court’s boundary, preventing the ball from flying from one court to another.

Four Pickleball courts:

The maximum no.of courts that we can fit in a single Tennis court is four, so fit two courts on either side of the tennis net. This makes it easier and gives the maximum no.of courts with the required dimensions.

The tennis net acts as a backdrop net, which prevents the ball from flying. The only disadvantage is that playing on the same court can be congested.

Difference between Tennis courts and Pickleball courts:

As we know, Pickleball courts can fit in a Tennis court. Still, there are many differences in dimensions and equipment sizes. Some of the differences you can find are,

Court sizes: 

The tennis court is 60′ wide and 120′ long, larger than the Pickleball court size. The size is 20′ wide and 44′ long. These dimensions of the courts include the volley zone, kitchen, and everything.

Net size:

Both the court’s nets are 36′ inches tall and 34 inches in the center.

Types of courts:

The singles and doubles courts are different for tennis, where the doubles court is at the right and left of the teams. But for Pickleball, players can play singles and doubles on the same court.

Volley zone:

The No-Volley zone for Pickleball is the seven-foot extended zone from the net. This zone is also called the ‘Kitchen.’

Ways to convert Tennis court to Pickleball court:

We can transform a Tennis court into a maximum no.of Pickleball courts permanently or temporarily as per people’s wish. Most people prefer to add pickleball lines on the tennis court where they can play both tennis and Pickleball.

Pickleball Court layout dimension

Another way is by positioning the courts on either side of the nets, which makes it simpler to play. Through this, players can also play tennis and Pickleball.

If you want a permanent conversion if the tennis court is no longer used for tennis, they can convert it directly. Having three courts in the tennis court is the common option for everyone nowadays.

How to create a Pickleball court outline?

The following steps are to create the outline of the Pickleball courts in a Tennis court. They are,

  • Take Chalk or tape in your hands, measure 44′ x 20′ on the surface, and draw a rectangle.
  • Now, a no-volley zone starts from both shorter ends, which measure 15′ till it goes to the middle of the court. Draw a line on the court that measures 20 feet.
  • Draw two boxes from the centreline with left and right service areas to create two service areas. Along with these, you have to draw another box for the no-volley zone.
  • In the center, place the net along the width of the court.

Tips for maintaining Pickleball courts in a Tennis court:

Some of the tips to follow to maintain Pickleball courts in a Tennis court are,

  • Do not place the net towards the east or west because the direct sunlight can affect the players while playing.
  • Clean the court thoroughly before adding lines on the court using Chalk or tape.
  • Measure the court’s dimensions correctly because it can affect the gameplay effects.
  • The colors of the Pickleball and tennis lines should be different to play the game without any confusion.
  • It is easier to adapt the game on the tennis court.


Pickleball is a fun game for players and elders to spend their evenings. Creating courts in different locations has become difficult as this game is rising.

The easiest option is to add Pickleball courts in a tennis court as this game is adapted by tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Four courts can fit in a single tennis court with the Pickleball game dimensions.

But if there are any length changes, three or two courts are possible. All the details about the courts are given in the article.


How many Pickleball courts can fit in a Tennis court?

With the current dimensions, a maximum of four courts fit in a Tennis court.

How to add two pickleball courts to the tennis court?

You can add two courts in a Tennis court by adding two courts on either side of the tennis net. Where the net acts as the backdoor net.

What to use to create the outline of a Pickleball court?

You can use Chalk or tape for making brief outlines. For permanent, you can paint the lines on the court.

Can we play both tennis and Pickleball on a single court?

Yes, add the Pickleball outlines on the tennis court with Chalk or tape so you can play both on the same court.

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