How Long Do Pickleball Balls Last?

Pickleball is a sport similar to Tennis, played using a racket and tennis ball. Similarly, in this sport, players use Pickleball balls and paddles, which are durable and sturdy. But do you know how long a ball lasts and if they have any life span? The article below has all the details related to the sport’s equipment, which gives you an idea about them.

How Long Do Pickleball Balls Last

What are Pickleball balls?

Pickleball balls are important pieces of equipment made of plastic that are used to play Pickleball. They have holes on the ball to reduce air friction during the shots, and you can choose the color of your wish. There is no official color for a ball like Tennis. Players use different balls indoors and outdoors because the weather can affect the ball’s direction and speed.

This sport’s ball looks similar to the ping-pong ball but is different in size, with a diameter of 2.87 inches and a weight of 0.88 ounces. But if they last long, you can read the article below.

Factors that affect the lifespan of pickleball balls:

Some factors commonly affect the lifespan of Pickleball balls. They are,


A ball for this sport can be made of materials like polymer, rubber, and plastic, which have different durability capabilities. As the material of the ball changes, the lifespan also changes. The material of the ball during construction alters its lifespan. So, choose a durable ball that lasts long and stays sturdy with your practice.

Court atmosphere:

If you use the same ball in indoor and outdoor games, the ball reacts to the atmosphere differently. If you use a plastic ball outdoors, the ball loses its speed and deviates from the direction. But it works well when you play on an indoor court.

Continuous UV exposure can change the ball’s texture, leading to a lack of bounce. But, the ball can get damaged even if placed in moist places and cold areas.

Type of the ball:

There are two different types of Pickleball: indoor and outdoor balls. The outdoor balls are made of strong material, so they can last long even if you hit hard surfaces.

The indoor balls use soft material that suits indoor play, which are soft surfaces. The other changes, like the ball size and the holes on them, are also seen.

Usage and storage:

Remember to store all your Pickleball equipment in a clean and dry place so they can last longer. Every piece of equipment loses its quality as time goes on, so the ball can slowly become less bouncy with longer usage.

How long do Pickleball balls last?

When it comes to the lifespan of Pickleball balls, there is no exact time that they can last. But, a high-quality ball can last a few months or 500-1000 hours of practice. The lifespan changes from person to person because of the power an individual uses while playing.

The indoor balls are softer than the outdoor ones and last less than the outdoor ones. Because of their stronger material, the outdoor balls can last longer, even with continuous practice. But there is a chance that they also can get damaged if they are in dry, moist, hot places.

Tips to improve the lifespan of Pickleball balls:

We know that Pickleball balls can last for a few days; some are for a few months. No ball can last longer, but we can improve its lifespan by following the tips below.

  • The ball can be damaged faster if it is hot continuously to the ground because of the hard surface. So avoid hitting your ball to the ground to prevent damage.
  • Some pickleball paddles have softer surfaces that can avoid the ball’s damage.
  • The important thing that you must follow is maintaining your equipment properly. Store them in a safe place so they can last longer.
  • Do not play outdoor Pickleball using an indoor ball because they both have different materials.


Pickleball is rapidly growing in popularity among players in America. They are showing interest in this sport and buying the required equipment to practice the sport. But the common question is how long Pickleball balls last with practice. Different balls are made using different materials for indoor and outdoor sports. Because of the material difference, the outdoor balls last longer than the indoor equipment. With proper care and maintenance, you can use your equipment longer.


What are Pickleball balls?

The balls used to play Pickleball are made of rubber, plastic, etc. They have holes on the ball that are available in different colors.

Can a Pickleball ball last longer with proper care?

Yes, a ball of Pickleball can last longer than its lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

Does weather affect the quality and lifespan of the Pickleball ball?

Yes, as the balls are made of materials sensitive to heat and cold weather, they might get damaged if placed in cold, hot, and moist places.

Does a Pickleball ball lose its bounce?

Every piece of equipment has its lifespan and shows signs of wearing out. Like them, the balls used in Pickleball also lose their bounce over time.

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