How does cold weather affects the pickleball paddle?

If you are a die-heart fan of Pickleball and want to know whether cold weather affects the Pickleball paddle or not? Then the answer is yes; the weather changes affect the paddles’ durability and increase stress. To learn more about the paddles and the sport, read this article.

Does cold weather affect the Pickleball paddle?

Pickleball is a sport that is played in singles or doubles with paddles. The common material that you will find in the paddles is wood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. Even though these material things are well-known for their resistance to the weather. But unfortunately, the cold weather affects the Pickleball paddle.

The paddles become brittle during the cold weather in the winter, making playing difficult. If the weather becomes too cold, then they might crack easily. The paddles are not only sensitive to cold weather but also to hot weather. Some players’ paddles are damaged because they may place them in hot weather.

Always keep the paddles secure to avoid damage to the pickleball tools. The storage area has to be at room temperature. Keep your paddle in their covers to protect them in cold weather by keeping them warm.

How does cold weather affects the pickleball paddle

How does cold weather affect the Pickleball paddles?

Many places wonder after knowing the fact the cold weather affects the Pickleball paddle. The cold weather and even the hot conditions also affect the paddles. In cold weather, the paddles get damaged as they become brittle, and there is a chance of cracks. When the paddles become brittle, hitting the shots and receiving the ball will be difficult.

With extreme brittleness, the paddles can even crack during the mid-game. The middle part of the paddles is made of softer material, compared to the grip, which is easily damaged. In the winter, the paddle attracts moisture in the atmosphere, creating soft patches. These matches lead to breakage during the gameplay.

Effects of cold weather on Pickleball paddle:

Some of the effects of cold weather on the Pickleball paddle are,

Change in ball behavior:

When the paddle becomes brittle, the ball’s behavior to the paddle changes. This can create difficulty in hitting or smashing the ball.

Paddle becomes brittle:

The first and foremost damage that cold weather can cause is brittleness. When the paddle becomes brittle, there is a high chance of breakage of the tool.

Causes vibration:

You will notice vibrations in the shot whenever you hit or smash the ball. Whenever you notice the vibrations, then the ball cannot reach long.

Discomfort for players:

Because of the paddle’s damage, players are affected the most. This is due to the game can be played only with a paddle. Continuing the game will be challenging if these paddles are damaged or cracked.

When is the right time to switch the pickleball paddle?

As a player, you may not notice the damage to the Pickleball paddle. You have to look into the paddles whenever you find the weather changes. When the weather is too cold or hot, there is a high chance that paddles get damaged.

When you notice that the speed of your hit or smash is slower than your regular shots, then check your equipment. The paddles make different sounds than usual when they are dead.

If you notice any signs, this is the right time to switch your paddles to a new one. Always keep your paddles covered with the covers to protect them in cold and warm conditions.

Tips for maintaining the Pickleball paddle in cold weather:

Here are some of the tips that you have to follow so your pickleball paddle lasts longer. They are,

  • Store your paddles in the covers so they get warm in the cold weather.
  • Always keep them dry because most paddle materials are sensitive to cold moisture.
  • Please do not keep the paddles in cold places because they might get brittle.
  • Always make sure you are using the paddle for playing because it can also cause damage to the tools.


Every beginner or intermediate player has to know that cold weather can affect the Pickleball paddle. The extreme cold conditions can make the paddles brittle and also get cracked. Even the paddles can get damaged when placed in hot places. You can use some techniques to protect your equipment from weather changes. You must note that you must place the paddles in dry places.


Can the cold weather or hot weather affect the pickleball paddles?

The weather conditions majorly affect the paddles as they are made of soft materials.

What is the lifespan of the paddles?

A branded pickleball paddle can last from 1 year to almost five years. Some can get cracks and damages even in 1 year.

When is the right time to swap the paddle?

The right time to switch your paddle to a new one is when you find cracks in the equipment or the sounds and speed of your shots are slow.

What is the ideal pickleball paddle size?

The average pickleball paddle size is 16 inches long and 8 inches wide, the most common paddle size among the players. This is the best-sized paddle for any beginner or advanced player.

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