How do you turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court?

Pickleball is one of the fast-paced and fun sports that has recently grown in popularity in the USA. This sport combines the parts of tennis, badminton, and Table tennis, which makes it even more fun and interesting to play. Some players need help traveling far to the pickleball court for their practice. You can also turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court, which makes it easier. All the details about the courts are given in the article.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fast-paced sport that has more than 4.48 million participants growing. This sport is suitable because it has similarities with Tennis, Badminton, and Table Tennis; you can also play on a Tennis court by making some changes. The Pickleball court’s size is smaller than the standard Tennis’ court.

If you need help going far for your practice, you can turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court. For all age groups, it can be a workout in their daily life, and they can also have fun.

Three neighbors, Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell, and Barney McCallum, created this sport in 1965. This is a paddle game played with a waffle ball.

Advantages of turning a tennis court into a Pickleball court:

Most people think it is not easy to turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court, but the result comes with many advantages. This sport is growing in popularity rapidly among all age groups. The advantages of this conversion are,

Increases the utilization:

Tennis courts are quite large compared to Pickleball courts, where it can fit 3 to 4 Pickleball courts after some changes. By turning the court, many players can practice and have fun while playing Pickleball. Players can play and practice in multiple courts simultaneously.

Wide range accessibility:

Installing pickleball courts in the tennis courts can improve accessibility for players of all age groups. Beginners, intermediate, and professional players in all age groups, like adult and young players, can play here.

Easy and cost-effective:

Installing a Pickleball court from scratch can cost thousands of dollars compared to converting one from an old court. These two sports have the same infrastructure, net, etc., which makes it easier and cheaper.


This sport is not only for fun; players are often interested in competitions. This can increase the accessibility of tournaments and competitions. This increases the audience, leading to improving the popularity of Pickleball.

Easy to learn:

Compared to Tennis, Pickleball is easier to learn and play. Converting the court can attract more people and increase community engagement. Tennis players can also easily learn this sport because of the similarities.

Necessary materials to turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court:

Even though it is easy to turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court, there are few necessary materials for the conversion. They are,

The Pickleball net is 36 inches long in the center and 34 inches at the sideline because the Tennis net is longer and has a different placement. You can adjust the net using a net adjuster.

It would be best to have boundary markers to draw the Pickleball lines after measuring the dimensions. Compared to the standard Tennis court, this court will have a non-volley zone, sidelines, and boundaries.

Non-slip paint will be the best for drawing the lines on the court and resurfacing, as there are some differences in the surface materials.

Dimensions of the standard Pickleball court:

The dimensions of the standard pickleball court differ from those of the tennis court. The typical dimensions are 44 feet wide and 20 feet wide, similar for singles and doubles.

Both sports use nets, whereas Pickleball nets are 36 inches long at the side of the court and 34 inches long at the center. The Kitchen is 7 feet from the center on either side of the court, a Non-volley zone.

When you want to turn a tennis court into a pickleball court, keeping space between the two courts is best. This can keep players from any interventions. So, keeping at least 10 feet between the multiple courts gives free space between fellow players.

Non-volley zone requirements for Pickleball court:

The major difference you will see between Pickleball courts and Tennis courts is the Non-volley zone. This court has the NVZ called Kitchen, which is 7 feet from the net on either side. This zone stretches from the court’s sidelines, which helps in players’ positions.

Major rules of Pickleball say that a player should not touch in the Kitchen or on the kitchen line during volleying. They have to continuously move from the Kitchen to the other area of the court. But it becomes a fault when a player volleys by standing in the Kitchen.

This is the zone that makes the major zone and also has many rules around it. So, drawing the line should be done after measuring the dimensions. So, it is important to draw the Kitchen lines when converting a Tennis court into a Pickleball court.

Types of conversions:

Two types of conversions are available to turn a tennis court into a Pickleball court. they are,

Permanent Conversion:

Permanent conversion means converting the court into a Pickleball court with non-skin tape and paint. Installing a fence around the permanent court conversion gives more accessibility.

Players can play Pickleball without any intervention from the Tennis players. The major drawback is that the cost of the permanent conversion is higher.

Temporary conversion:

Temporary conversion is the cheaper option, where you can draw the lines using heavy-duty tape or chalk.

If you install a portable net in the center, you can remove it anytime. However, the temporary courts require continuous maintenance and care. The lines can be removed anytime.

Finally, if you want to concentrate on Pickleball more, then converting the Tennis court permanently is the better option. For temporary fun, you can convert the court temporarily.

The process to turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court:

It is easy to turn a Tennis court into a Pickleball court, but there are a few steps you have to follow. They are,

Preparation of the area:

Preparing the area for conversion is important because of the size and dimensions changes. Pickleball has some requirements, so evaluate all the requirements before conversion.

The first thing to do is measure the dimensions of the pre-existing tennis court. A standard tennis court is 78 feet and 36 feet wide, whereas Pickleball is 44 inches long and 20 feet wide.

Both courts have different surfaces, so check whether the existing surface suits Pickleball. If not, change the surface according to the soft requirements and make it crack-free. Check the lines for the existing court because of the addition of Non-volley zone lines.

Finally, before conversion, the court must have enough space for movements, baseline, sidelines, and Kitchen lines. This helps in preparing the court beforehand for the conversion.

Creating the outlines:

Drawing the outlines will make it easier to help with further changes. The following four steps are to create the Pickleball boundaries.

  • Take a measuring tape, measure the court, and mark the points using marker points or tape.
  • Now, draw the boundaries of the court using a chalk or marker, which makes a rectangular shape that measures 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • Draw the Kitchen lines from the center, which are 7 feet from either side.
  • Now, draw two lines in between to make service areas for left and right service areas. The outline should have four service boxes and a Non-volley zone box.
  • For multiple courts, keep a distance of 10 feet between the courts.
Installation of the net:

Net is the essential part of the Pickleball, which determines the court’s dimensions with the net placement. The net of tennis is different from the Pickleball, which needs some changes. There are two types of net installations.

The first one is to adjust the Tennis court nets by using a Net adjuster to the requirement of Pickleball, i.e., 34 inches long. Using this method can reduce the conversion costs.

Non-volley zone requirements for Pickleball court

Another option is to install portable pickleball nets that are available on the market. This portable net makes it easier to install and remove whenever needed.

So, be careful when installing the net because it can determine the gameplay. You can install whatever option you have according to your budget.

Laying a tennis court pad(optional):

Laying down a tennis court pad is completely optional, as the cushioned surface gives more comfort to players and absorbs the shock. The following steps are to install the tennis pad.

  • Gather the required materials like the pad, adhesive, roller, and a trowel.
  • Now, clean the tennis court to remove the dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Take the trowel, apply the adhesive on the surface, and cover the entire court.
  • Now, carefully lay the Tennis court pad on the surface with adhesive and make sure the pad is aligned.
  • Next, firmly apply pressure and roll the roller.
  • Let the adhesive dry and the pad stick together before playing on the court.
  • Finally, you can play Pickleball and practice on the Pickleball court, which is comfortable and strong.

Converting the entire Tennis court into a Multi-sport court:

Tennis courts are one of the largest area courts, where you can install multiple courts to expand the accessibility for players. Not only can you turn a Tennis court into a pickleball court, but you can also turn it into multiple courts.

This improves the accessibility for multiple sports and gives playing options. The following steps can help you convert a single court into multiple courts.

Basketball court:

Basketball is a sport that doesn’t need any net in the middle and has minimal boundaries. So, remove the net in the center and place a basket on the wall or any pillar. You can draw the boundaries of Basketball on the Tennis court for lines.


Coming to Volleyball, you can change the placement and height of the net. You can use any portable net in the center and continue to play Volleyball.

A tennis court can be for Basketball and Volleyball and for many other fun sports that do not need any net in the center.

Benefits of converting tennis court into multiple courts:

You can turn a tennis court into a Pickleball court. Still, the following are the benefits of converting it into multiple courts. They are,

  • Many Pickleball players from Different places can enjoy multiple sports at the same place simultaneously.
  • There is no need for major changes, so you can convert the existing court into another court by removing the net or drawing additional lines and making a Multi-sport court.
  • This Pickleball court is cost-effective and reduces conversion costs.
  • It will be easy to maintain, as a single court has multiple courts.
  • The court will allow players to improve their skills in any sport.
  • It is suitable for both competitions and also for fun matches.
  • Any sports player can practice on this court to improve their skill levels. 


It may be temporary or permanent; turning a Tennis court into a Pickleball court is easy. This improves accessibility for players so that they can enjoy playing Pickleball simultaneously.

Conversion of Tennis courts is better than installing a new one from scratch because it is cost-effective.

After preparing the converting area, you can make Pickleball courts by installing a net and drawing the outline. Conversion can be done not only for one sport but for multiple sports.


Is it easy to convert Tennis courts into Pickleball courts?

By following some steps like measuring the dimensions, drawing lines, marking points using markers or tape, and installing a net, it is simple to turn a tennis court into a pickleball court.

What is the important Pickleball equipment?

Pickleball needs a paddle and a ball to play the sport; it also needs additional equipment like shoes, a dress, etc., which are optional.

Can we convert Tennis courts into multiple courts?

Yes, there is a high chance of converting a Tennis court into multiple courts for Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

What are the dimensions of the Tennis court and Pickleball court?

Tennis courts are 78 feet and 36 feet wide, whereas pickleball courts are 44 feet long and 20 feet wide.

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