Does The Ball Have To Bounce In Pickleball?

Every player knows the importance of the bounce in Pickleball, for its double bounce rule and drop serve. The serving team first bounces the ball to serve that ball, which is called a drop serve.

This serve has recently become famous as many players will likely use it. You can read this article to know more about it and its factors.

Types of bounce in Pickleball:

You will encounter the double-bounce rule when learning the sport and its rules. Another is called drop-serve, which comes while serving the ball to the opponent.

Double bounce rule:

This is one of the important rules in Pickleball, where the ball has to bounce twice, at least once at each side of the court.

Types of bounce in Pickleball

This means when the serving team serves the ball, the opponent player has to let the ball bounce once, and they have to return the ball.

Then again, the serving team has to let the ball hit the ground once before returning.

Drop serve:

This is not any necessary rule but one of the techniques a player uses while serving. They let the ball drop before serving it.

They serve the ball to the opponent once they drop it only with gravitational force, not any other force.

Does The Ball Have To Bounce In Pickleball?

The answer to the question of whether a ball has to bounce in Pickleball is yes. It is important according to the basic rules of the sport.

The ball has to follow the double-bouncing rule before returning it. But for the drop-serve, there is no need to follow it because it is one of the styles of the player.

According to the traditional rules of the sport, there is no drop serve rule, which means the ball should be served without any contact with the ground. But later, after some amendments, the drop-serve became legal.

Factors that affect the bounce of a ball in Pickleball:

Some factors affect the bounce in Pickleball, and they are,

Type of court:

The bouncing of a ball changes with the indoor and outdoor games. The bounces of the ball are very predictable indoors compared to outdoors.

This is because the outdoors has more wind than indoor courts. The wind changes the direction of the ball and affects its bouncing.

Condition of the ball:

If the ball you are using is not in good condition, it changes the game and the bounces. The bounces are only effective if the ball is in shape and intact.

The surface of the court:

There are different types of Pickleball courts where players play and train. Some are grass surfaces, clay, pro-cushioned and concrete.

There is a small percentage of the surface effect on the ball bounces. If the surface is smooth, then the bounce can be easy.

Is it legal to bounce the ball in Pickleball?

There was no bounce in Pickleball; the drop-serve rule was later introduced in the game in 2021.

Even though there are many controversies and objections to this technique, the US Sports Association made the bounce before serving legally in 2023, called drop serve.


Pickleball is a sport with many rules that players must follow, and some are players’ interests. The double bounce rule is an important rule that every player has to follow before returning the ball.

But the drop serve, which means bounce before the serve, is completely new, and players are interested. The bounces of a ball can change according to the court’s surface, paddle, environment, etc.


Is the double bounce rule the same as the drop serve in Pickleball? 

The double bounce rule and the bounce before the serve are completely different in Pickleball. Double bouncing means the ball has to bounce at least once on each side of the court, whereas drop serve means that the ball player drops the ball before serving.

Is it necessary for the ball to bounce in Pickleball? 

There is no rule that the ball should bounce or hit the ground before serving the ball.

Is it legal to let the ball drop on the ground before serving in Pickleball?

Yes, the American Pickleball Association legalized the drop serve in 2023.

Does the bounce of a ball change according to indoor and outdoor courts?

The bounces of a ball change in outdoor and indoor courts because of the wind.

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