Do You Need Special Shoes For Pickleball?

Many beginner players wonder if they require special shoes for Pickleball because of many suggestions. Yes, there are Pickleball shoes, but they are almost the same as some basic sports shoes, which are comfortable while playing. This article gives you a good guide that helps you to select the best shoes.

Are there any special shoes for Pickleball?

Pickleball gained popularity in America with its simple and easy gameplay. Yes, shoes that are suitable for sport are available in the market. But there are no particular special shoes for Pickleball. The only factor that is important while purchasing shoes is the perfect grip.

Many players wear normal sports shoes that suit them and give a good grip while playing instead of special shoes. But you can also wear Pickleball shoes specially designed for sports to be convenient. You have to keep in mind that the price doesn’t signify comfort for the players with excellent grip. So, if you plan to buy shoes, select the ones with a good grip.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Pickleball

What are Pickleball shoes and their characteristics?

Pickleball shoes are the ones that are designed especially with good grip and cushioning, which are court shoes. But these are optional for Pickleball because this can suit other court games like tennis and badminton.

The characteristics are:


These shoes are durable and can be used for the long run, giving you a good grip even after many uses. The material used for these shoes is durable and can last in any weather.

Good midsoles:

The midsoles of these shoes are supportive and are cushioned with good material. The midsoles can avoid shocks and can give good comfort.


Some sports shoes are not breathable, which slides and creates discomfort. The material used is breathable and keeps the feet cool.


These shoes are comfortable and reduce the risk of knee sprains because some pose discomfort, increasing the chance of knee spraining.

Do players need special shoes for Pickleball?

The common doubt players get is that they need special shoes for Pickleball. The answer is it is optional because many court shoes are suitable for playing the sport. But if you can afford and want extra grip, you can invest in good sports shoes.

Some sports shoes provide excellent grip and are sturdy while playing games. Then what is the necessity of buying some expensive Pickleball shoes? So, there are Pikcleball shoes, but they are not some special shoes.

Types of Pickleball shoes:

There are two types of shoes available for Pickleball. They are

  • Court shoes
  • Sneakers
Court shoes:

Court shoes are especially for soft surfaces that give a good grip. These are extremely fashionable and provide extra comfort for the players. They are available at various prices, and Asics Gel-Resolution is one of the popular brands. These shoes are light in weight and don’t weigh on the feet.


Sneakers are the common sports shoes that most beginners wear when starting Pickleball. These are versatile and suitable for sports like football, tennis, basketball, etc. Some famous brands like Adidas, Puma, and Nike provide excellent sneakers that suit Pickleball.

Some recommendations for Pickleball shoes:

There are no special shoes for Pickleball, but some shoes have excellent grip and features every player needs. The following list is the shoes available in the sports market.

  • K-Swiss Women’s Express light Pickleball shoe.
  • Acacia Unsex Adult Pickleball shoe.
  • Skechers Women’s and Men’s Viper Court Athletic Indoor and Outdoor shoes.
  • Asics men’s Gel-Renma Pickleball shoe.
  • Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickleball shoe.

Tips for choosing the perfect Pickleball shoe:

We know there are no special shoes for Pickleball, but there are some shoes. But choosing the best one is important because shoes are some important accessories that are needed for sports. The following tips can help you choose the perfect shoes.

  • Choose the right size and perfect fit.
  • Try on different shoes to pick the right one.
  • Consider your playing style and select shoes that can fit your techniques.
  • Always invest in quality shoes because they can last long.


If you wonder about the special shoes for Pickleball, some branded and various types suit the sport. They are not special but have a good grip and extra cushion-bale feature. Some brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma provide extremely comfortable sneakers for any sport. One of the well-known brands of Pickleball is Asics Gel-Resoultion. Choosing the right shoe is necessary for the players because it can affect the gameplay.


What are the Pickleball shoes?

The shoe gives players extra grip to play indoors and outdoors and is suitable for Pickleball.

Is it necessary to get special shoes for playing Pickleball?

There is no need to get special shoes because many alternate options provide many features for the players.

What are some characteristics needed to select a sports shoe?

The perfect sports shoe’s material, grip, midsole, quality, and comfort are important characteristics.

Does price play a role in the quality of a shoe?

Yes, the price plays a role in the quality of a shoe because if the quality is good, then the price can be high. But there are many alternate cheap options available for the players.

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