Can You Play Pickleball While Pregnant?

The major concern of the new players of Pickleball is that we can play Pickleball while pregnant. Even though it is a sport played on the court, it is still a safe game for pregnant women. This article details why it is safe and what precautions pregnant women can follow while playing the sport.

Is it safe to play Pickleball while Pregnant?

Pickleball is a sport played on the court using a paddle, moving here and there. Yes, playing Pickleball while pregnant is still very healthy and safe. While pregnant, being conscious of your physical health is very important. But you can still play easy sports like Pickleball.

You can still play this sport by following the safety precautions, even as a pregnant woman. While playing, if you feel dizzy or strained, you can rest for some time or a few days. Consider this game a physical exercise, and do not take it seriously as competitive.

Can You Play Pickleball While Pregnant

Benefits of playing Pickleball while pregnant:

Are you amazed to know that there are some benefits to playing Pickleball while pregnant? They are,

  • As this game is not so dangerous, women can play this sport every day as an exercise.
  • It increases the physical stamina of both mother and child.
  • This helps in reducing the stress and anxiety that women get during pregnancy.
  • This is a healthy hobby that doesn’t need lots of physical movements.
  • It is an ideal sport that pregnant women can play during pregnancy to stay healthy.

Safety precautions to follow while playing Pickleball while pregnant:

Even though Pickleball is safe, following the safety precautions while playing Pickleball while pregnant is important.

To stay healthy during pregnancy, following some gentle and simple exercises and sports can be helpful. But make sure you are following the safety precautions given below.

  • Pickleball is a simple game with fewer movements but avoids constant and sudden jerking and running.
  • Avoid the ball if you feel it is a long reach because it needs sudden movement or running.
  • Do not play the sport on an outdoor court if the weather is too hot because this can make you dizzy and dehydrated.
  • As you exercise through this game, drink lots of water and eat healthy food to complement that game.
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothes because this can cause inconvenience while playing the sport.

How long can a pregnant woman play Pickleball?

Yes, Pickleball is a healthy sport for women during pregnancy. Pregnancy involves different stages, which makes it difficult for women to move. However, exercising occasionally or regularly can improve the conditions for the baby and mother to stay healthy. This improves physical and mental health, which avoids gestational disabilities during pregnancy.

According to medical reports, 15 minutes a day is safe to play Pickleball while pregnant. In conclusion, women can play 150 minutes a week as an exercise rather than professionally.


The major concern of the women Players is that they can play Pickleball while Pregnant. Then the answer is yes; many women play this sport during pregnancy but as an exercise and not professionally. Exercising during pregnancy helps in improving health and keeps the woman healthy. However, following the safety precautions is necessary to avoid any unfortunate accidents.


Is it safe to play Pickleball while pregnant?

Yes, it is entirely safe to play Pickleball during pregnancy, but with some safety precautions.

How long can women play Pickleball during pregnancy?

Fifteen minutes a day is the best time they can spend on Pikcleball as a physical exercise.

What physical activities do women have to avoid during pregnancy?

They must avoid heavy-movement activities like running, tennis, football, and other sports.

What are some healthy sports during pregnancy?

Some physical exercises like Yoga, Pilates, swimming, weight training, etc, are safe and healthy while pregnant.

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