Can You Play PickleBall On Grass?

The common question that a new Pickleball player gets about the court is can you play Pickleball on grass? Technically, players can play this sport on grass lawns or courts.

Get the details about the grass court from this article to play the sport without any issues.

Can we play Pickleball on grass courts?

Even though grass courts are not the first choice for every player, yes, it is possible and okay to play Pickleball on grass.

How to set up a Pickleball court on the grass

Some people even set up a court on their lawns to play for fun. This court is suitable if you are playing it for fun, but it could be better for a serious game.

The ball bounce will be comparatively low and also cause some changes in the bounce.

Everyday practice in tennis or pickleball courts can be difficult and expensive, so a court on your lawn is the best option. Setting up a court is also possible by preparing the lawn.

Modifications to do to play Pickleball on grass:

For fun, you can set up your court to play Pickleball on grass, but before that, there are some modifications to make to the lawn.

Doing these modifications will make it easy to construct a court without any trouble.

Leveling the grass:

Most of the lawns have uneven grass lengths, making playing Pickleball difficult. So, make the lengths of the grass even and level them to construct the court.

Use a lawnmower to trim the grass evenly and clean the excessive grass on the lawn.

Let the grass dry:

The grass can be wet or moist with constant watering, even reducing the ball’s bounces. So, let the lawn get dry before installing the court.

Measure the lawn area:

The important thing for a Pickleball court is its dimensions and measuring the dimensions of your lawn.

Take the whole lawn to construct the court with the required dimensions.

How do you set up a Pickleball court on the grass?

Setting up a court in the lawn or backyard can be easy as we can play Pickleball on grass. But to construct and set up the court, first check the court’s dimensions and the lawn.

Once you check the dimensions, which are 44×20 feet, there is a non-volley zone, which is 7 feet.

Next, place a net in the center and draw the lines on the court, like baseline and center lines. Choose a ball that can bounce on the ground so it will be easy to play the game.

Pros of grass court:

With some modifications, you can play Pickleball on grass without trouble with the ball. Even some players choose to play this sport on grass because of its advantages. They are,

  • Playing on this court can improve reaction time, where the player can hit the ball without any bounce. As the bounce height is low, players tend to hit the ball even before bouncing.
  • This court can help play netplay, which will be helpful for doubles.
  • Playing on grass courts can increase stability, improving the engagement in core and leg muscles.

Despite the pros of the grass court, there are many cons to playing on this court. They are,

  • If the court becomes wet, the surface becomes slippery, increasing the chances of accidents.
  • The ball bounce will be lower on this court compared to other courts like concrete, cushioned courts.
  • As you practice frequently, you may adapt to the bad habits caused by the uneven surface.

Tips for playing Pickleball on grass surface:

Here are some helpful tips for players who want to play Pickleball on a grassy surface. They are,

  • Wear shoes that can keep you sturdy even on wet grass where there are high chances that you may slip while playing.
  • Choose a ball that can bounce even on the grass. There is no specific material for the Pickleball, and you can choose any ball.
  • You can learn new and advanced techniques and strategies for this sport with constant practice on the grass surface.
  • Trim the grass evenly on the surface using a lawnmower that can bounce the ball.


There are different surfaces for Pickleball courts like pro-cushioned, concrete, grass, and clay.

The least used court is the grass court, but you can play Pickleball on the grass with some modifications. Trim the grass evenly, as the uneven grass can change the bounce of a ball.

Setting up a pickleball court on the lawn to play for fun is easy. But this surface is only suitable for some professional and serious games.

Is it possible to play Pickleball on grass? 

Technically, it is possible to play Pickleball on the grass court as it is one of the courts for fun games.

Can we set up a pickleball court on the lawn?

With some modifications done for the lawn and the correct dimensions, it is possible to set up the court.

Can we play when the grass surface is wet?

The surface becomes slippery when the grass court is moist or wet, leading to accidents.

Is it advantageous to play this sport on a grass court?

It is advantageous to play the sport on a grass surface, like learning strategies, which will be helpful for doubles, etc.

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