Can you play Pickleball in the rain on the wet court?

Suppose you are a Pickleball lover and love playing every day, even on rainy days, sunny days, etc. Even though you can play this sport indoors and outdoors, outdoor players get a common question. Can you play pickleball on a wet court in the rain? Go and explore the article to get the answer to your question.

Can you play pickleball in the rain?

The common question from Pickleball enthusiasts is, can they play in the rain? Yes, it is possible to play the sport in the rain on a wet court, but there are some precautions that you have to follow when playing on a wet court.

Can you play Pickleball in the rain

There are many risks, so you must be careful while playing and have the proper equipment. Besides the risks, playing this sport in the rain is fun, but only when you have the right paddle and shoes with a good grip.

A benefit of playing this sport on a wet court is that it tones down the game’s intensity. But, this is suitable only when you are playing for fun, but not preferable for professional matches because it affects the game and players’ grip.

Following all the precautions, have fun, and have a blast playing in the rain. But avoid playing if the intensity of the rain is high, which comes with thunderstorms and lightning.

Issues when playing pickleball in the rain: 

It is fun to play pickleball in the rain, but players face some issues while playing in the rain. They are,

Players slipping on the court:

Pickleball is known for its simple, easy gameplay, less prone to accidents. But, if the surface is wet, there is a high chance that players slip on the floor.

They may slip on the floor as they lose their balance, leading to severe accidents. So, if you feel it is risky, avoid playing on the wet surface.

Issues with sighting:

Playing the sport when it rains is fun but prevents you from seeing the ball. You cannot see the ball in the pouring rain, disturbing the players while playing.

This can lead to miss shots, and you cannot even return the ball to your opponents. You can avoid this by wearing a cap, which reduces the intensity.

Paddle damage:

You might be having fun playing the sport with a paddle in the rain, but there is a high chance that the paddle can get damaged.

Most paddles are not water resistant, so continuously using them in water can damage the surface and change the accuracy of the performance.

Court surface damage:

Pickleball courts are commonly made of grass, pro-cushioned, clay, etc. Grass courts can be slippery, but clay courts can easily be damaged in the rain. The clay courts become so slippery that you cannot move on the surface.

Cold weather:

During rains, the weather becomes cold, which creates discomfort for some players. Some players less tolerant of cold weather should not play in the rain because this can lead to other health conditions.

How to play pickleball in the rain?

If you have decided to play pickleball in the rain, follow the following tips. They are,

Use the right court to play:

Choosing the right court is important when playing in the rain. It is better to play outdoors than indoor courts because outdoor courts are less slippery. If the surface is slippery, this leads to more accidents.

Warm-up before playing:

It is better to warm up your body before playing because it can be stiff, and you cannot react fast in the rain. Try out some simple exercises in the rain so you can adapt easily.

Use different techniques:

You may have some techniques while playing pickleball, but they might not be suitable when it’s raining. You must adjust some techniques to avoid slipping on the floor when returning or hitting the ball. Please focus more on ground shots rather than volleying.

Use the right equipment:

Using the right paddle is important when playing pickleball in the rain because some paddles need a better grip. They might lose their grip, so choose the best equipment when you play pickleball in the rain. Get shoes that have good traction and paddles that are anti-slip.

Do not rush:

Pickleball is a sport that needs running across the court, but avoid rushing and running when playing while it’s raining.

Wear appropriate clothes:

Clothes that absorb water and become wet create discomfort for you. So wear polyester clothes that you can dry fast even after getting wet.

Drills to improve while playing pickleball in the rain:

The following are some drills to improve performance while playing pickleball in the rain. They are,

Drop-shot drill:

Drop-shots mean hitting the ball slowly to the kitchen zone from the baseline to slow down the ball.

Third shot drop drill:

To maintain control of the ball, the third shot drop drill helps. The third shot drop drill means hitting the ball to the kitchen zone and then moving towards the non-volley zone to hit the ball.

Dribble and hit drill:

If you want to control the ball, dribble the ball using the paddle while moving towards the kitchen.

Sideways shuffle:

Sideways shuffling means shuffling with your partner to improve your footwork and agility.

Tips when playing pickleball in the rain:

Here are some useful tips that help you when playing pickleball in the rain. They are,

  • If you cannot bear cold weather, it is better to avoid playing. So, take some time and continue to play.
  • Playing while it is raining is only preferable if you are playing for fun because this is not advisable for professional matches. W
  • Wear the right clothing when playing, like shoes with good grip and clothes made of polyester, which dries fast.
  • Playing outdoors is better than indoors because they are less slippery.


Pickleball is an addictive sport that attracts many young and older players because of its easy gameplay. So, many players also play pickleball in the rain, ignoring its effects.

You can have fun while playing this sport in the pouring rain. But, you have to follow the precautions so you can avoid accidents.


Is it okay to play pickleball in the rain? 

You can play pickleball when it rains only by following the precautions.

Does the surface of the Pickleball court become slippery in the rain?

Yes, the court’s surface, like grass and clay courts, becomes so slippery that you cannot even move on the court.

What issues do we see when playing any sport in the rain?

When playing in the rain, the court becomes slippery, equipment is damaged, clothes get wet, inability to see the ball, etc.

Can you play pickleball in the wind?

Yes, you can play pickleball in the wind, but you may face issues like the ball losing direction.

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