Can a Pickleball Paddle Help with Tennis Elbow?

Concern for players who play Pickleball, even though it doesn’t have many dangers, is Tennis Elbow.

Some players wonder how someone gets affected by this, its effects, preventions, symptoms, etc. You can read this article to know the information about it.

What is Pickleball Tennis Elbow?

Pickleball is a sport that uses lots of hand and elbow muscles compared to an average person. Due to the over usage, the tendons that join the elbow get inflammation which causes pain in the elbow.

tennis elbow

In Pikcleball, it is called Tennis elbow, medically called ‘Lateral Epicondylitis.’This problem is common in tennis and pickleball players as they continuously play the sport.

Players with this issue have to continue playing once the problem is cleared because there is a high risk it increases.

What are the causes of Pickleball Tennis Elbow:

The most common cause that Pickleball players suffer from Tennis elbow is the overuse of paddles.

Even though this problem can be caused while using a knife for cutting, using a wrench, etc, continuously. Holding pickleball paddles are highly recorded cause of this health issue.

Another cause is the age factor, where people between 35-60 suffer from this issue even though they don’t use a racket. But the symptoms are unrecognizable.

Symptoms of Tennis elbow:

You will notice Some symptoms if a player suffers from tennis elbow. They are,

  • Major burn or pain in the below that they cannot lift or move their elbow.
  • It will cause pain when bending or twisting the elbow.
  • The hand elbows become stiff.
  • The grip of your paddle is weak, and you cannot hit a shot.
  • The elbow muscle looks swollen.

Can Pickleball paddle help with the Tennis elbow?

As an old saying ” Prevention is better than cure.” A suitable Pickleball paddle is better to prevent the Tennis elbow even before occurring.

One of the best ways is to select a lightweight paddle because it is lightweight and easy to swing. You can continue to play the game even with minimal physical effort.

Sometimes, a heavier Pickleball paddle also helps you to prevent this problem. A heavier paddle gives you stability and effortless shots that prevent any accidents.

The only way to prevent this problem is by choosing a perfect paddle that suits your body’s strength.

Pickleball paddles to prevent Tennis elbow:

Some Pickleball paddles have a design to prevent players from tennis elbow. They are,

The first paddle designed to avoid this problem is Kinetic Pro Speed Paddle by Pro Kennex.

This brand claims this can prevent elbow and other problems for the players because they are specially designed for them.

Other paddle recommendations are,

  • ProKennex Flight
  • Selkirk Amped S2
  • Paddletek Tempest Wave II
  • Head Radical pro
  • Joola Vison CGS

Accessories to wear to prevent Tennis elbow:

Accessories are the best way to avoid physical problems while playing Pickleball like Tennis Elbow. They are,

Elbow strap:

An Elbow strap gives you enough pressure and grip to avoid muscle pains. These devices are especially for relieving muscle pain and any other minor injuries.

Compressions sleeves:

Compression sleeves are especially for preventing muscle pain while playing. This allows enough blood to flow through the hand and stops any issue even before occurring.

Pickleball paddle grips:

Get a pickleball paddle that has a great grip. If you are on a budget and your paddle doesn’t have a great grip, then get an additional paddle grip.

This gives you enough pressure and grip that prevents any injuries.


Wearing hand gloves while playing Pickleball provides additional safety that prevents muscle inflammations. This also gives you some grip to hold the paddle.


Tennis Elbow is one of the health conditions that most tennis, Pickleball players suffer.

This causes by overusing the paddle and giving movements. It shows its symptoms in muscle pain, swelling, stiffness, etc.

Using the right pickleball paddle is one of the ways that can prevent players from this condition. Adding some additional accessories gives you extra protection and prevention from this issue.


What is pickleball Tennis elbow?

This is a health condition that pickleball players suffer from constantly using pickleball paddles.

Can Pickleball paddles solve this health problem for players?

A pickleball paddle doesn’t completely solve the issue, but using the right paddle can prevent players from this issue.

Are heavy or mid, or lightweight paddles best for preventing muscle inflammation?

There is no exact answer because it is a completely personal preference. Some players are fine playing with a heavy paddle, and some prefer lightweight to avoid physical movements.

Is this problem common in Pickleball players?

Yes, this is a common problem in players because of contact elbow movements with rackets and paddles.

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